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Holly Madison executive producer, host of The Playboy Murders on ID Jan 23

Holly Madison from Girls Next Door wants to set the record straight about her past, and she’s revealing the dark side of the Playboy stories we may not have heard.

Premiering on Investigation Discovery (ID) Jan 23, Madison executive produces and hosts the six-part series The Playboy Murders, which will discuss deaths that happened at the Playboy Mansion under the reign of the late Hugh Hefner.

Hugh Hefner would fake cry to manipulate his girlfriends

Hugh Hefner would cry fake tears to manipulate his girlfriends, who were more like employees, to do whatever he wanted. He used the fake crying to get them to quit outside jobs, to do sexual favors for him, or to make them feel guilty for speaking their opinions. Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt opened up about this behavior in their podcast Girls Next Level, and Holly has written about it in her memoir Down the Rabbit Hole.

SECRETS OF PLAYBOY The suicide of Paige Young and the secret tapings at the Playboy Mansion

In 1970 Melanie Myers discovered the body of her neighbor, 30-year-old Paige Young, lying on an American flag. On one of Paige’s walls was a mural of clippings from newspapers and magazines. At the top of the wall were the words “Hugh Hefner is the devil.” The scene was cleaned up the next day and there were no media reports about her message about Hugh Hefner. Melanie believes that her friend died hoping that her death would erupt take because of the writing on her wall. Instead, Paige’s last message was not reported on until decades later when Melanie started talking about it.