This woman was betrayed in the worst way by her mother and boyfriend while on vacation

This is a shocking, jaw-dropping story of betrayal from TikToker @julesv0923. In the face of these really tough life experiences, however, @julesv0923 is remarkably resilient.

“So it all started while I was on a girls’ trip in Mexico. Roe vs. Wade just got overturned that morning and I was calling all of the women in my life just to see how they were, to check on them,” Vanessa (@julesv0923) starts out. “When I got to my mom she was obviously distraught, crying. I didn’t think anything of it because she’s a woman raising a woman in America and she knows multiple other women who would be affected by this.”

So, you saw the image, you know the real reason why her mother was so upset, but it’s just incredible that this happened to this young woman at this particular time in history. What a strange coincidence.

Two days later, she calls her mom again and her mother is still distraught. She asks her mother what’s wrong, but she won’t tell her. Vanessa threatened to cancel her trip and fly to go find out what’s wrong.

“And ultimately she ended up just telling me, after a few minutes ‘I’m pregnant,'” Vanessa recalled.

Vanessa is initially happy about this. She never expected o have a younger sibling, and she’s excited to hear the news. She starts chatting about baby names and making plans for the future.

Her mom, however, cuts her off and tells her that the baby’s father is Vanessa’s boyfriend.

“I asked her to repeat herself because keep in mind I’m a little bit drunk. Hello! I’m in Mexico come on. I asked her to repeat herself, I’m like ‘What?'” Vanessa says. Her mom confirms that the baby’s father is Vanessa’s boyfriend.

“After I heard that,” she says. “My soul left my body and everything that came after that, I was not ready for.”

After that fateful phone call, Vanessa blocked bother her mom and her boyfriend and immediately caught a flight back home. She got some friends to help her grab her stuff during a time she knew he wouldn’t be there and stayed with the friends for several weeks.

“Once next steps were figured out, that’s when I went back to the house to go pack everything up and go move into my new place,” Vanessa says.

Once she walked into the house, though, she found that all her stuff was gone. She tried to call him, and he didn’t answer. He did reply to her text message and told her that he took all of her things because she blocked him and wouldn’t communicate with him.

Vanessa asked him if he understood the “magnitude of what he’d done to her,” and he replies that he’s sorry and wants to “make things right” and rebuild their relationship. He told her that her mother would take care of the child.

Vanessa wasn’t interested in working things out with him and hasn’t spoken to him again, but she did get most of her things back. Her friends picked up her stuff so she wouldn’t have to see him again. One thing she didn’t get back was some money, but she’s accepted that loss.

Her boyfriend impregnating her mother was the ultimate betrayal, but Vanessa soon learned that her mother wasn’t the only woman he had cheated on her with.

“Multiple women reached out to me on socials once I started coming out with the story,” Vanessa says. “And they let me know that they’d either had relations with him, or they were in long-term relationships with him.”

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