SISTER WIVES Christine Brown is officially dating!

Christine Brown split from her polygamous marriage with Kody Brown over a year ago. Now, she’s announcing that she’s back on the dating scene!

Although Christine is hoping to one day be married again in a monogamous relationship, she’s currently not taking her dating life too seriously. According to what she revealed recently to US Weekly, Christine has limited her dates to “one or two per person” so far and is keeping romance at arm’s length.

As Christine started opening up about her dating life in the video interview, she started to blush a little and get nervous as she stressed that her recent dating was “just casual.”

She started blushing about this topic. She says she likes being herself more than everything, and keeping everything as “friends.” She’s not currently looking for a romantic relationship. In the future, however, she wants to get married in a monogamous relationship.

“I don’t want a romantic relationship right now. I just like the idea of friends, and things like that,” she says. “I’m not in the mood for any kind of serious relationship.”

Still, she “definitely” wants to get married again in a “definitely” monogamous relationship.

Since Christine has been dating a little bit, we can’t help but speculate that she could be filming a new reality series with TLC. That’s definitely a new show that the Sister Wives viewership would be eager to see.

Regardless, it’s great to hear that Christine is enjoying herself now by herself, with family, and with new friends.

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