RHONJ Why didn’t Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas sign a prenup?

Teresa Giudice and Luis

Teresa Giudice married Luis Reales on August 6, 2022, after dating for two years. Luis has had a number of red flags like stories from his exes about toxic relationship patterns and a disturbing 2018 road rage incident. Now, fans are concerned for Teresa because they didn’t sign a prenup before their nuptials.

Why didn’t Teresa sign a prenup?

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen filmed in October during the 2022 Bravo Con, Teresa told the audience that she didn’t sign a prenup. The reason? “True love.”

The crowd booed after hearing the news.

Teresa’s fans are concerned about her protecting her finances from Luis in case things goes south, but Teresa claims that Luis has more money than her. During a February 2022 episode of WWHL, she said she would sign a prenup if he wanted to, revealing that he had more wealth than her. “I would never take anything from him, I’m so not like that,” Teresa said.

During that February episode, Andy Cohen tried to convince Teresa to change her mind. When she revealed that she had decided not to made a prenup Andy was more supportive. “All right. Personal decision,” he said.

Teresa has signed a prenup before. When she married her ex-husband Joe Giudice in 1999 she signed one. Joe asked her to sign it only a week before they got married, and she didn’t want to do it because she felt like people don’t sign prenuptial agreements if they’re really in love.

Springing this on her at the last minute made Teresa reconsider marrying Joe altogether, but she felt like she didn’t have the option to cancel the wedding because of her “old-school Italian parents.”

Teresa decided to sign it, but she didn’t actually read it. She did ask, however, to have a clause included that voided the agreement in the case of cheating.

For years Teresa denied that Joe ever cheated on her, but after their marriage ended, she revealed that she had caught him using a separate phone to text a girl. She said she should have ended the marriage then, but Joe denied a relationship and she believed him at the time.

It looks like Teresa is sticking with her ideas tying romantic love with a lack of prenuptial agreement in her decision to forego one with Luis. Perhaps she is so burned from signing one when she married Joe that she can’t associate this type of agreement with a happy marriage.

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