SISTER WIVES Kody says he tried to reconcile with Meri, but Meri had no idea

For the past several years Sister Wives‘s Kody Brown has made it clear that he doesn’t want a romantic relationship with his first wife Meri Brown. He’s gone so far as to say that he no longer considers himself married to her. Now in the Season 17 One on One special, Kody tells host Sukanya Krishnan that he wanted to reconcile with Meri.

We only get a few preview clips at the end of tonight’s Season 17 finale episode (14). What we hear from the edited clips is Kody’s claim that Christine “lost her sh!t” the day he wanted to reconcile with Meri.

Then, without context of what she’s been asked, Christine says “that’s a lie, that’s not me.”

Then, we hear from Meri, who claims she “never knew about that moment with him.”

What’s the truth here? Is Kody implying that Christine sabotaged his reconciliation efforts with Meri? Did he make up a lie to throw Christine under the bus? Of course, we’ll hear more information about this next week when we get the fuller context of this situation.

Meri has been staying loyal to the marriage for the past several years as it unraveled for Christine and Janelle. She once had plans to leave Kody, but when her potential romance turned out to be a catfish, Meri has doubled down on her commitment to Kody and the idea of polygamy even when Kody has tried to push her away.

With the finale episode Meri seems even more committed to the marriage than Robyn, who admitted that she was questioning the marriage during one of the family’s tense meetings.

She has dared, however, to point out her belief that Kody is being a hypocrite towards her and is treating her the same way he’s complained about Christine treating him.

What we do know is that all the rumors that have been swirling this season have truth to them. Janelle and Kody are currently separated at the time of the One on One special.

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