RHOBH She tried to appeal, but you can now buy Erika Jayne’s $750,000 earrings

Erika Jayne's earrings $750,000

Last Wednesday night Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers watched Erika Jayne Girardi imply to Andy Cohen that she was fighting to get her fabled $750,000 earrings back after giving them over to the court. It looks like Erika’s appeal has not been favorable as her earrings are being auctioned off to help pay back the victims of Girardi Keese.

Erika’s interchange with Andy Cohen about the earrings at the reunion included some mind-numbing double speak on Erika’s behalf:

Andy: “You’re trying to get them back, though right?”

Erika: “We’re on appeal, for legal reasons.”

Andy: “That means you’re in court trying to get them back.”

Erika: “We’re on appeal, for legal reasons.”

Andy: “Okay. We’re saying the same thing.”

Erika: “We’re not, but we are. We’re on appeal.”

Andy: “Okay.”

Garcelle and Dorit’s reactions to Erika and Andy’s conversation about the appeal

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 reunion was filmed in early September 2022. A few months prior, in July 2022, Erika surrendered the earrings because a judge ruled that they had been purchased with stolen funds by her husband Tom Girardi via his law firm Girardi Keese in 2007.

The initial purchase price was $750,000. Before she turned them over, Erika wore the controversial earrings during a girls’ trip to Aspen, CO. While there, the earrings became a catalyst for tension in the group as Garcelle and Kyle argued that she should turn the earrings over whether or not she believed they were bought with stolen funds or not to raise money for Tom Girardi’s victims. Erika’s point of view was that she did nothing wrong, so she shouldn’t have to give up her property.

She did note that the fate of the earrings was in the hands of the court, and the court did decide this summer that she should hand them over.

“Why wouldn’t I wear my earrings? They’ve been my earrings for 15 years. And, until the day they’re not my earrings I will wear them,” Erika said during the episode. She also bragged that they have been a good investment since she claimed they’ve almost doubled in value to $1.4 million.

Whatever they’re worth will be determined soon by the people willing to pay for them. They might command a higher or lower than the appraised price because of their infamous status.

“The lawsuit is another misguided attempt to blame Erika for actions of Tom Girardi and others of which she had no knowledge and in which she had no involvement,” Erika said in a statement to US Weekly when she gave up her earrings to the court. “The truth, if it matters, was recently summarized by Bankruptcy Judge Russell: ‘From my standpoint, I accept what she has said. That given the nature of what I know about the case, just strictly from this case, I don’t think – to say it’s unlikely that she was aware of any of the shenanigans going on would be an understatement.’”

The earrings are going to be auctioned off on December 7, 2022 at 10 a.m. PST. If you’re interested in buying them, you can find information on this link.

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