SISTER WIVES Did Kody attend his son Logan’s wedding this weekend? Was it filmed for the show?

Sunday night’s episode of Sister Wives showed Kody Brown driving to Oklahoma to officiate his friend’s wedding. This weekend in real time, however, there was a different wedding. Kody’s oldest child Logan married his longtime girlfriend Michelle Petty in a lovely ceremony. Did Kody and all of Logan’s mothers attend the event?

Although a number of photos have been openly shared publicly by the Brown family, the wedding was mostly a private affair. It wasn’t filmed for the popular TLC show, unlike other weddings in the family including Robyn’s wedding to Kody and Aspen, Maddie and Mykelti’s weddings.

When the weddings are filmed the production company foots the bills in exchange for using the events as content. In this case, the wedding was privately funded.

The Sister Wives audience hasn’t seen Logan on the show since 2014, and with all of the strife in the family recently and strict COVID rules, it’s unknown what kind of relationship Logan shares with his dad, Robyn, and Meri.

The major photos being shared from the event involve Logan’s birth mother Janelle, and Christine, who also helped raise him in a major way. These two mothers are also still very close despite the fact that Christine officially left the family and moved away from Flagstaff to Salt Lake City.

At first there was a lot of online speculation about whether or not Kody, Robyn, and Meri even attended the Saturday, October 22nd 2022 event at all. They have all since been spotted in the background of photos, though.

Meri can be seen on the lefthand side of this photograph shared by the wedding photographer. She’s holding a sparkler as the happy couple makes their exit. A pic from the bride Michelle’s Instagram showed Kody and Robyn sitting together at the wedding. Kody was not sitting next to Logan’s birth mother Janelle.

Kody officiated his daughter Maddie’s wedding (who is also Janelle’s daughter,) but for his daughters Mykelti and Aspyn’s weddings Kody sat next to their birth mother Christine during the ceremony. There have been a lot of signs that Kody and Janelle are no longer in a spiritual marriage, and this could be another sign that Janelle has moved on from Kody.

Logan proposed to Michelle in September 2017 in Austin, TX, and they’ve now been together for eight years. They currently reside in Nevada, and the wedding took place in Phoenix, Arizona.

Janelle shared this photo on her Instagram stories of all of her kids at the wedding:

All of Christine’s children also attended except for Mykelti, who is about to give birth to twins and probably was medically advised not to travel. Meri’s child Leon and their partner Audrey were also in attendance.

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