SISTER WIVES Has Janelle already left Kody?

Sister Wives Did Janelle leave Kody too?

And then there were two?
Kody Brown and Christine Brown’s child Gwendlyn Brown went live on her friend Sarah’s TikTok account on Monday where they answered LOTS of questions asked by Sister Wives fans and spoke about why Kody didn’t sit next to Janelle at their son Logan’s wedding.

They also implied that the only three left “together” are Robyn, Meri and Kody. There are now mounting hints that Janelle may have already left Kody, but she still may be building on Coyote Pass.

“Gwen, how is your mom doing with all of this?” one commenter asked during Gwen’s recent live. “Everyone thinks she’s leaving your dad too.”

“Well, she already did leave,” Sarah said. “Girl power!” emphatically, assuming that the commenter meant Gwen’s mom Christine.

Gwendlyn thought that too, and celebrated her mom Christine leaving Kody “Yes! Go, mom!” she exclaimed. “You are out of that. It was not a good relationship for her.”

Another commenter clarified that the original comment may have been confused and was asking if Janelle left Kody too.

Later in the live, Gwendolyn was asked about Janelle’s departure in a more direct manner. “So only Robyn, Meri, and Kody are together then?”

“Yes,” Gwendlyn replied, “I think.”

Below is a clip from Gwendlyn’s live in which they address a lot of questions about their family.


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Gwendolyn has also launched a Patreon where she will react to past and present Sister Wives episodes and share stories and information about their experience growing up on the show. subscribe to her Patreon at varying levels.

Sister Wives viewers have been picking up clues that Janelle has also left Kody for a while now. One big indicator that their relationship may be done is that Kody didn’t sit next to Janelle at their son Logan’s wedding late last month.

The subject of Kody sitting with Robyn and not Janelle (on the other side of the aisle no less!) came up during Gwendlyn’s live. “Why didn’t Kody sit next to Janelle at Logan’s wedding?” someone asked.

Sarah replied that she didn’t know the reason and Gwendolyn responded by asking Sarah if she knew who Kody did sit by. Sarah correctly guessed Robyn. “Obviously,” Gwendlyn replied. “He sat next to his wife,” she added before laughing out loud.

Last month Christine also implied that Janelle and Kody are no longer together during an US Weekly interview. Christine says that Janelle “still speaks with him and stuff,” which is an odd thing to say if they were still married.

Even if Janelle has left Kody already, she may not ever leave Flagstaff, Arizona, or the family’s property on Coyote Pass. As recent as October 24, 2022 Janelle posted photos from visits to “the property” on Instagram.

Kody and Janelle were spiritually married in January of 1993. This January would have been the couple’s 29th wedding anniversary. No matter what happens, though, Janelle will always be related to Kody because Kody’s dad, William Winn Brown, and Janelle’s late mom, Sheryl Brown, were married not long before Kody and Janelle tied the knot, meaning they will remain step-siblings even if they divorce.

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