SISTER WIVES Kody says Christine turned the kids against him, Gwen says the kids turned Christine against Kody

Kody has said multiple times that he thinks Christine is turning a lot of the Brown family kids against him. In tonight’s episode (Season 17, episode 10) Kody even calls her a “Piped Piper” for leading the kids away. Her daughter Gwen has revealed that it’s the opposite: the kids have actually turned Christine against Kody.

In the episode Kody notes that his relationship with the adult kids has been really “off” and he directly asks Christine if she’s been talking to the adult kids about their divorce. Christine says “no,” and Gwen seems to confirm this by saying that she had no idea they were getting divorced until Christine announced it.

In confessional, Kody says that Christine is lying and playing games. “I just call bullish!t,” he says.

Then, in the midst of Kody’s breakdown where he says Christine has “knifed him in the kidneys” by not cultivating relationships with the other wives, he also called her a “Piped Piper” who “tried to take the kids.”

“No, that’s not even, okay,” Christine says as she sighs.

Christine said very little during his rant, and explained why she stayed quiet in her confessional interview.

“I could sit here and dissect everything that Kody has said and give you my point,” Christine says. “But, we’ve done this for years. I’m tired. It doesn’t matter. It’s over.”

In her Patreon Q & A (join here) Gwendlyn answers a question from a viewer asking her how much she disagrees with the statement that Kody is always making that Christine has turned his kids against him.

First, Gwen says she loves how “one-sided” the question was because she does disagree that Christine turns the kids against him. “For me, I personally didn’t like my mom when she was married to my dad and being with him made me think less of her. So I think it’s more that we turned her against him,” Gwendlyn says in this eye-opening revelation.

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