SISTER WIVES Christine wishes she had left Kody in Las Vegas and Kody apologizes?

After Kody and Christine Brown’s breakup talk, Kody came back to Christine’s house to talk again. He started off by telling her that he’s worried that they were making a mistake in splitting up.

Christine explained to Kody that she had never thought that this would ever happen. Kody asked her if she felt relief after she made the decision to leave.

“Yes,” Christine immediately said. Then she revealed that she now wishes she had never left Los Vegas and moved to Flagstaff with the rest of the family several years ago and left the marriage then.

In her interview with producers, Christine explained that she had chosen plural marriage when she was really young and didn’t imagine anything else for herself. When things were hard, she just kept going because she thought it was “okay to be sad.” In hindsight, she sees her past self as much sadder than she realized at the time.

Robyn tells producers that she agrees that plural marriage is hard but says that this is “why you can’t get lazy in it. you have to choose it every day. You have to want everyone in the family to be happy as much as you want yourself to be happy. That’s the only way to do it successfully, in my opinion.”

In this statement, Robyn seems to be blaming Christine for not trying hard enough in her relationship with Kody and the rest of the family, a sentiment she also shared during the Tell All last season. She also seems to think that Christine is being selfish in choosing her own happiness over staying as a “wife” in a family and living a religion she doesn’t believe in anymore.

During his second conversation with Christine, Kody tells her something that she considers to be the nicest thing he’s ever said to her. In a moment of humility and reflection, Kody apologizes to Christine for “being so angry.”

“I said, ‘Christine what do you want?’ And, you just said ‘I want to be free.'” Kody said. “I need to get to a place where I can rejoice about your happiness and your freedom,” he continues. This is what Christine said is the sweetest thing he’s said to her in years, if ever.

She goes on to tell Kody that she thinks it’s the healthiest thing not just for her, but for the whole family, for her to leave. In this instance, she is thinking about what’s best for everyone else, which conflicts with Robyn’s judgment that she’s not thinking of others in her decision-making.

Christine says she was grateful that Kody was being “real” at that moment, and not being angry. However, this lack of anger didn’t last for Kody. In the interview with producers “It feels like just this major injustice that is being done to me, and it galls me.”

Christine goes on to tell Kody that she hasn’t yet told Truely that they’re breaking up, and that Truely hasn’t noticed any difference. She’s putting off telling Truely until the last minute because of things Truely has said about her friends who have divorced parents.

Kody goes on to the producers about how he’s angry that Christine made the decision to leave without consulting him first. He feels like he hasn’t been fairly represented in the breakup. Christine says that it’s been months since Kody told her that he didn’t want intimate marriage with her. She no longer wants that too.

She explains that she’s been waiting for Kody to be a more involved husband and dad for 10-12 years. Kody goes on to explain that he needs some grief counseling because he still feels attached to Christine. “It’s curling my toes,” he says. He doesn’t understand why Christine’s leaving is bothering him so much. Perhaps it has to do with a feeling of loss of control.

He’s also scared of this breakup because of what he’s witnessed with how Janelle and Robyn think about their ex-husbands. “I don’t want her going around the country telling people I’m a bad person,” Kody says.

Despite all of his complaints and trouble with letting go, Kody complains that Christine says that the situation is “complicated.”

“I don’t know what’s complicated about it,” Kody says in interview with producers. “I mean, she’s chosen to leave. Goodbye.”

Back in his conversation with Christine, Kody tried to convince Christine to move to St. George, Utah instead of Salt Lake City because St. George is closer. Kody and Robyn both have a lot more connections in St. George.

Kody says that he’s “disgusted” that Christine is moving to Salt Lake City with Truely. “I don’t want to push her into something crazy,” he says. “Men don’t win in the divorce world. I’ve done my research.”

This last sentence could explain why he apologized and was acting calm in this last conversation. Maybe it’s more of a calculated move than a genuine one.

Christine says she wants to take Truely out of this cold emotional environment in Flagstaff and bring her to Salt Lake City, where she has more family who want to be around her.

Christine also explains that leaving the marriage, means leaving the label of “Sister Wife” as well. She predicts that she will continue to be good friends with Janelle, and will probably remain to be distant from Meri and Robyn. The difference, though, is that she will no longer carry the title of sharing the same husband.

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