Shaeeda or Shahida? Bilal confuses his current wife and ex wife’s names

At the start of filming Happily Ever After Bilal and Shaeeda have been married for seven weeks, and Bilal is having trouble keeping his ex-wife and current wife’s names straight.

Bilal’s ex-wife, who he has two kids with, is named Shahida. At first Bilal was hesitant to even tell Shaeeda what his ex-wife’s name is because they are so similar.

In fact, the names are are so close to each other phonetically that sometimes Bilal slips up and calls Shaeeda Shahida. During the first episode of Season 7 of Happily Ever After, Bilal slips up and calls Shahida Shaeeda while driving to meet up with Shahida in an attempt to smooth over their past confrontations. .

“Our names are similar, but she doesn’t have my name,” Shaeeda snaps.

In interview, Shaeeda explains that Bilal took a while to tell her his ex wife’s name, and it made her wonder if he was a “serial name dater.”

Bilal then delivered a deadpan joke, “I have a rolodex of people that I have dated named Shaeeda.” He immediately clarifies, “That is a joke. Dry humor.”

Shahida is actually Bilal’s 2nd wife, and thankfully his first wife’s name does not sound like “Shaeeda” at all. Her name is Ameerah, and there’s not much known about her. Shahida, however, is a published author and makes regular appearances on episodes of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise.

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