SISTER WIVES Kody Brown fears Christine will find a greedy boyfriend who will take Truely and all his money from him

Towards the end of Christine and Kody Brown’s long conversation about the end of their marriage on the premiere episode of Sister Wives Season 17, Kody expressed his fear that Christine will move to Utah and find a greedy boyfriend who will take Kody’s money and prevent him from seeing his daughter Truely.

Truely Brown, who was born during Season 1 of Sister Wives is the only minor child in Christine Brown’s care. After Kody finally acquiesced to Christine’s decision to leave the marriage, Kody resisted Christine’s plans to move from Arizona to Utah.

His major concern was about the anti-polygamy laws Utah has. Utah is a state with a lot of polygamists, which has influenced its laws. They have recently decriminalized polygamy, but there may be other laws about custody and money that could possibly impact the Browns after a spiritual divorce.

Christine and Kody have never been legally married, so it’s unclear how a potential “greedy” boyfriend or husband of Christine’s could get Kody’s money. One possibility is that he’s scared she might find a boyfriend who would convince her to ask for child support for Truely.

“Between you, your boyfriend, and the state of Utah I lose any access to Truely and all my money,” Kody says. His reasoning? He says he’s seen it happen to many people. “Utah, a greedy boyfriend . . . I need you to promise me that’s not gonna happen.”

Christine promised him that this isn’t going to happen. While talking to producers, Christine confirms that everything that Kody is saying to her right now just confirms hat her decision to leave the marriage and move away is the right one.

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