SISTER WIVES Kody wants Christine to stay, Meri to leave

In some previews for Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives(October 9, 2022,) Kody tells Meri to move to Utah, and delusionally hopes that Christine stays in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Meri was in Utah because her mother Bonnie had passed away. At the time she died Bonnie was the innkeeper for Meri’s Inn, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, so Meri was staying there to figure out how to proceed.

While Meri was in Utah wrapping up her mother’s affairs, Kody suggested to her that she stay there forever. This hurt Meri’s feelings because she’s still trying to find a way to fit into the Brown family dynamic in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Meanwhile, Christine Brown actually is leaving Flagstaff after divorcing Kody, but he doesn’t want her to go.

An outdoor family gathering for Ysabel’s birthday further solidified Kody’s wistful feelings about Christine leaving the family. She has often been called the glue that holds the family together because of the excitement she can bring to family gatherings.

Furthermore, he admits that he’s living in a bit of a delusion by hoping that Christine won’t actually leave.

“This evening has gone off without a hitch. It’s been wonderful, and I think Ysabel has felt special,” Kody says. “I’m just blue. We will never be there again. If we really go through with this is, as Christine is leaving, is she really going to leave? I’m living in a delusional world where [I’m] wishing that Christine wouldn’t leave.”

Kody’s hopes about Christine not leaving Flagstaff did prove to be delusional. She relocated to Salt Lake City, UT in the fall of 2021 after her daughters Ysabel and Gwendolyn moved out of the house. At the time Gwendolyn moved into an apartment in Flagstaff, and Ysabel moved in with her sister Maddie to go to college in North Carolina.

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