LaTisha Collier’s Boss Tax business evicted from Davenport location again

Love During Lockup LaTisha Collier's Boss Tax and Accounting Services Davenport location evicted

LaTisha Collier’s Boss Tax and Accounting Services has been evicted from their Davenport, Iowa location yet again! It’s either the third or fourth eviction for the business in the past 18 months, depending on how you’re keeping score.

As Starcasm previously reported, Boss T&A was sued for unpaid rent by their new Davenport landlord in November of last year. (I say “new Davenport landlord” because the business was evicted from their previous Davenport location in July of 2023.)

On December 27, the judge in the most recent eviction case signed an Order For Forcible Entry And Detainer. A Writ of Possession was to be issued on January 2 at 1:00PM.

Boss Tax and Accounting Services filed for bankruptcy on December 27, which is the same day the judge signed the Order For Forcible Entry And Detainer.

LaTisha filed a hand-written “Motion To Seal Document And Halt Eviction” on January 2, which was the day she was scheduled to be served with the Writ Of Possession. Due to the pending bankruptcy filing, a stay was granted. That halted the eviction process.

The trustee for the Boss T&A bankruptcy case was made aware of the business’s pending eviction, as well as LaTisha’s prior bankruptcy filings. The trustee believed the Boss T&A bankruptcy filing was in bad faith, and that was one of many reasons she recommended that the judge dismiss it.

In addition to the dismissal recommendation, the trustee also asked that the timeline for any appeals process be sped up due to the alleged “bad faith” on the part of LaTisha to stall the eviction.

The judge agreed to speed up the process and gave LaTisha one week to respond. On the last day, LaTisha faxed in a single paragraph making promises to do everything required (hire a lawyer, pay the fee, submit the appropriate documentation, etc.) to make the bankruptcy filing legitimate.

Three weeks later, the judge filed an order dismissing the bankruptcy. In addition, the judge referred the filing (and all of LaTisha’s prior bankruptcy filings) to the US Attorney’s Office to investigate potential bankruptcy fraud.

Boss Tax and Accounting Services latest eviction

The attorney for Boss Tax and Accounting Services’ Davenport landlord was made aware of the bankruptcy dismissal and potential fraud investigation.

She filed an Emergency Ex-Parte Motion To Lift Stay and Issue Immediate Writ of Possession on February 13. The judge lifted the stay and issued a Write of Possession on the same day.

From the Writ:


On 02/13/24, judgment was entered in the court named above. The judgment requires that the defendant(s) be removed and PLAINTIFF be put in possession of the following property:


You are commanded to remove the above named defendant(s) from the premises, as well as all persons claiming to be entitled to possession through them, and to place the above named in possession. Based on 648.22 Code of Iowa you are also commanded to collect the costs in the same manner as in ordinary cases. After performing as commanded by this writ you will file with the court a return describing your actions in execution of the writ.

Dated: February 13, 2024

LaTisha files eviction opposition

LaTisha Collier filed her objection to the Writ and the stay being lifted on the same day. Once again, she opted to handle the filing herself instead of having an attorney do it, and once again her filing took the form of a single paragraph:

I am apposing [sic] the motion to lift the Writ Stay. It Has been more than 30 days since the original Forcible Entry and Detainer. The courts asked for the Petitioner to set an emergency hearing, that has not happened. All though [sic] the Bankruptcy courts have moved to Dismiss the bankruptcy case, there is still an ongoing bankruptcy case including an appeal. I am asking the courts to either set this matter for a hearing, and/or let the Federal Courts handle this matter.

Actual image from LaTisha’s filing:

LaTisha Collier files opposition to writ of possession for Boss Tax and Accounting Services Davenport Iowa location

It’s unclear when the landlord will be taking possession of the Davenport location of Boss Tax and Accounting Services.

The end of February seems like a very inopportune time for a tax business to be without a brick and mortar location. But, LaTisha is VERY familiar with the eviction process, so perhaps the brief stay has allowed her enough time to line up a new location? Stay tuned!

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