LOVE DURING LOCKUP Dustin Phillips arrest updates

Love During Lockup Jessic and Dustin update

Former (and current) Love During Lockup inmate Dustin Phillips was arrested on two separate occasions recently — once for resisting an officer, and another time for allegedly driving around with a suspended license and a small bag of meth. We’ve got updates on both cases.

Both of Dustin’s arrests were in Nassau County, Florida where he is from. (His family is currently living in Tennessee, as shown on Love During Lockup.) Also, both arrests were due to the fact that local police officers recognized Dustin.

Dustin Phillips Arrest Number 1

On May 9, an officer recognized Dustin in the parking lot of a Circle-K convenience store and was aware that there was an outstanding warrant for Dustin’s arrest from Tennessee. The officer instructed Dustin to stop, but “Mr. Phillips then stated ‘nah Jackson come on’ then ran across the parking lot in effort to flee.”

Dustin was arrested and charged with obstructing or resisting an officer without violence. Authorities in Tennessee elected not to extradite Dustin on the warrant.

UPDATE – Dustin entered a plea of no contest on May 22 and was found guilty. He was sentenced to 14 days in jail with 14 days credit for time served. He was also charged just over $370 in court costs and fees.

Unfortunately, Dustin was only out of jail for a couple weeks before running into trouble again.

Dustin Phillips Arrest Number 2

On the afternoon of June 5, Dustin was spotted driving a black Nissan Sentra. The arresting officer stated in his report that he recognized Dustin, “who I personally knew not to have a valid driver’s license.” In addition, Dustin was not wearing his seatbelt.

After the officer turned on his lights, Dustin sped up briefly and was seen “making multiple furtive movements inside the vehicle as if he was franticly trying to conceal something.” When pulled over, Dustin was observed breathing heavily and his hands were shaking.

Dustin was asked to exit the vehicle and a K-9 unit was deployed to search the vehicle. The dog gave a positive alert for narcotics and the vehicle was searched. Officers found a bag of meth weighing 2.1 grams and a used needle with residue inside it.

Dustin was arrested and charged with a felony count of meth possession, a felony count of driving with a suspended license (habitual offender), and a misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia with residue.

UPDATE – The prosecutor elected to not file the charges of meth possession and drug paraphernalia possession. (Perhaps there was an issue with the probable cause on the search of the vehicle? It’s unclear.)

On June 16, the prosecutor did officially file the charge of driving with a suspended license with the “habitual offender” enhancement. That is a third degree felony. Dustin’s arraignment is scheduled for Thursday, June 29.

UPDATE 2 – Dustin posted bond and was released on June 29.

Dustin’s recent arrests are just the latest chapters in his very dramatic story since being released from prison last year. You can visit our Dustin Phillips category to get all caught up, including Dustin reportedly being caught by Jessica with another woman — in his and Jessica’s bed! He allegedly choked Jessica, took her truck, and led police on a chase (with his new girl) before being arrested.

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