LOVE DURING LOCKUP LaTisha’s tax business sued for eviction from 3rd location in 2023

Love During Lockup LaTisha Collier tax business evicted from 3rd location in 2023

Love During Lockup’s LaTisha Collier is facing yet another lawsuit as her Boss Tax and Accounting Services business has been sued for eviction from another location — the third this year!

Boss T&A was evicted from their Davenport location in July due to unpaid rent. A few months later, LaTisha’s business was evicted from their Waterloo, Iowa location — once again for unpaid rent.

Starcasm broke the news about the eviction of Boss Tax and Accounting Services from their Davenport location, which appears to be the main location, and also the one featured on Love During Lockup. Soon after our article was published, LaTisha went on The Dominick Nati Show and talked about the eviction.

“The whole time we were fighting, so we weren’t paying for a while,” LaTisha said of her dispute with the landlord, adding that it was “over six months” that her business wasn’t paying rent. LaTisha confirmed her business owed “like thirty thousand dollars.”

A tenant ledger submitted by the property’s landlord on June 23 indicated that Boss Tax and Accounting owed $38,747.05 for rent, utilities, recovery fees, and more.

In her interview with Dom, LaTisha revealed that her dispute with the landlord motivated her to just stop paying rent altogether. “I wasn’t gonna give him that sh**t knowing I’m fixin’ to move!” she said.

As usual, LaTisha seemed unbothered by the eviction. She assured Dom that Boss Tax and Accounting Services already had a “bigger and nicer place right down the street” in Davenport.

LaTisha wasn’t lying! Once they were booted from the original location, Boss Tax and Accounting moved into a much larger space on Brady street in Davenport. The space was so large that LaTisha attempted to sublet some of the office space!

Here is LaTisha’s Facebook post from August 4 announcing they had offices to rent:

LaTisha Collier tax business subletting offices before being sued for eviction

Perhaps LaTisha found some like-minded business owners who couldn’t be bothered to pay rent because the landlord for the Brady Street location filed an Original Notice and Petition for Forcible Entry and Detainer against Boss Tax and Accounting Services on November 28.

In the Original Notice and Petition for Money Judgment filed on the same day, LaTisha’s landlord demands $5,945.25 plus court costs from Boss T&A for “past due rent for November 2023, late charges accruing daily and other charges due under Lease Agreement between the parties, including attorneys’ fees and interest.”

There is a hearing scheduled for December 5.

Other LaTisha Collier updates

Keeping up with LaTisha Collier is a full time job! Here are a couple other updates that didn’t merit separate posts:

LaTisha has been posting about having another baby

LaTisha has made several social media posts suggesting that her husband, Keith Collier, will be released from prison before Valentine’s Day of 2024. It seems she already has some BIG plans for his release!

“Ladies, what were some of your biggest challenges with getting pregnant in your late 30’s?” LaTisha asked on Facebook and Instagram on November 26.

A 37-year-old Facebook commenter pointed out that women over 35 are “high risk and run a higher chance of certain things” when pregnant. “I’m 37 too and nervous lol,” LaTisha replied.

Over on Instagram, LaTisha’s post resulted in this interaction:

COMMENT: I’m 30 and both my pregnancies were ROUGH … especially the morning sickness . But the SnapBack was amazing 😝😝❤️🥰

LATISHA: I’m not looking forward to the morning sickness.

LaTisha’s house purchase

LaTisha hinted in late September that she was “buying a million dollar home.” She followed up on October 4 with an Instagram photo of a home interior. “Sneakpeak #collierestate,” she captioned the image. “Look at our laundry room yall😫🥰❤️”

Starcasm found the listing that the photo posted by LaTisha was from, and it is a BEAUTIFUL five bedroom, five bathroom home with 5,470 square feet located across the river in Illinois. The list price was a little shy of one million at $895,000.

The house is still listed as “pending sale” on Zillow, which is what it has been since August 16. More than three months is a VERY long time to close on a house! Perhaps LaTisha was running into some issues with her lender given her seven bankruptcy filings, extensive criminal record, and her business’s legal troubles?

LaTisha filed an application to defer court costs and fees (and to defer/waive appeal bond fee) in the Boss Tax and Accounting Services Waterloo eviction case. In the filing, LaTisha claime she was “unable to pay the filing fee, service costs, or other court costs.”

From our previous post:

She states that her income sources are “business allowances” and she has zero dollars in cash, checking, and savings. LaTisha claims that her household income is $1,800 a month and she has 6 people living in her household. She lists her monthly expense from rent or mortgage, utilities, phone, food and transportation as $1,900 a month.

LaTisha signed the document certifying “under penalty of perjury and pursuant to the laws of the State of Iowa that the information I have provided in this Application is true and correct.”

Regardless of her apparent financial issues, LaTisha recently hinted that she was actually able to somehow get a home loan! “My lender just gave me awesome news!” LaTisha posted on Facebook on November 28. We will continue to keep an eye on the property — and the Iowa courts.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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