Love During Lockup Season 3 cast photos, bios and premiere date!

Love During Lockup Season 3 cast

WE tv just announced that Love During Lockup Season 3 will premiere on Friday, July 21 at 9/8c. In addition to the premiere date reveal, the network also released official bios and photos for six of the couples appearing this season!

They also shared a new preview trailer:

Below are all of the couples with their official WE tv bios. We’ve also added some commentary and additional info.

Love During Lockup LaTisha and Keith Collier

LaTisha and Keith (Davenport, Iowa)

After getting out of a recent marriage, Latisha was ready to embrace the single life until love caught her by surprise. The hard-working mom of two took her employees and friends by shock when they found out about her new romantic partner – Keith. At first, Latisha was skeptical, and her intention was only to be Keith’s pen-pal, but eventually Keith won her over. Will they withstand life’s challenges?

We previously profiled LaTisha Collier and husband Keith “Lil Mike” Collier in separate posts. You can click here to find out all about “‘boss’ accountant hottie” LaTisha, and here to read up on Keith.

Love During Lockup Jade and Chris

Jade and Chris (Naples, FL)

As a former flight attendant, Jade is always looking for new adventures. Jade hit the jackpot while browsing an inmate pen pal site when she stumbled upon Chris. Chris is Native American and tribe member of Prairie Island Indian Community in Minnesota. After 7 months of dating, the couple decided to get married. With Chris being a shareholder of his tribe’s casino, Jade has been living a life of luxury full of surprise gifts. However, Jade’s younger sister, Jessica, starts to question the relationship. Does Jade really love Chris or the money?

Click here to learn more about viral TikToker Jade Chipps, and here to learn more about Chris Chipps’ convictions, his tribal revenue stream, and his propensity for making headlines — in a good way.

Love During Lockup Savannah and Jake

Savannah and Jake (Iowa City, Iowa)

To prepare for a theater role, Savannah reached out to prison wives on Facebook and was connected to Jake. After exchanging messages, the connection was clear for the couple. Since meeting Jake, Savannah has been a huge advocate in prison reform. Jake has real concerns about Savannah’s jealousy and neediness as he serves the remainder of his sentence. The separation is getting to the pair as they both battle trust issues. Will they trust each other enough to make it another five years?

Jake was arrested for robbery, burglary and marijuana possession in 2011 when he was just 18 years old. We will likely be sharing more in an additional post, but I wanted to highlight that detail here in the couple’s intro because the mug shot photo used by WE tv was taken when Jake was 18. Here is a more recent photo of Jake, who is now 30:

Love During Lockup Jake Facebook

If you’re curious, Savannah is currently 26, so there is a four-year age gap.

Love During Lockup Britney and Kerok

Britney and Kerok (Richmond, Virginia)

Britney and her fiancé Kerok met while serving time behind bars. Now Britney is out of prison after three years and awaiting Kerok’s release. Kerok identifies as he/him and began his transition two years ago while incarcerated in a female facility, but the C.O.s mishandled his medications and schedules. While attending beauty school, Britney is living with Kerok’s family and wants to start IVF treatment. The couple rebuilt their relationship after past infidelity, but will the bond stay strong? With friends and family as enlisted spies – what secrets will shake up the happy couple?

This is without a doubt one of the most complex relationship story lines in the history of the Love After Lockup franchise! A trans inmate who transitioned while incarcerated — with complications due to the prison staff. He met his girlfriend while they were in a women’s prison together, and now the girlfriend’s living with his family?! Wow!

Love During Lockup Andy and Brittney

Andy and Brittney (Rome, Georgia)

After his second divorce, Andy struggled to adjust to modern dating. He decided to give it a try by writing female inmates on a pen pal website. As an ex-cop, Andy was worried about being judged, but those feelings quickly went away when he met his new love, Brittney. Both of the couples’ families questioned their unlikely relationship between a con and cop. Andy’s children don’t approve of the relationship resulting in Andy choosing between his kids and his dream girl.

In very stark contrast to Britney and Kerok, Andy and Brittney may have a relationship story line that is VERY familiar to viewers. For whatever reason, producers for Love During Lockup seem to have a difficult time finding men dating incarcerated women who are willing to go on the show.

The previous two seasons of Love During Lockup have each featured just one couple with a man on the outside dating a female inmate. In Season 1, we had male model and escort Max, who was dating Tara and then some other woman later. In Season 2, we had software engineer Mark, who was dating grandma’s house shooter Sincer-a, in addition to other incarcerated women.

Neither of those story lines were very believable, as it seemed Max and Mark were just talking to some inmates on the phone so they could be on the show. Unfortunately, that may be the case with Season 3 couple Andy and Brittney as well.

In the preview trailer, we see Andy talking with his son and it is revealed that he has a fetish for female inmates. Again, we have the set up of a guy who is likely courting multiple women behind bars.

Combine that with the fact that Andy’s social media accounts reveal he has been a big fan of Love After Lockup for a while, and I’m afraid we have the recipe for yet another not-very-serious over-the-phone relationship that isn’t going to work out because it was never that legit to begin with.

This is purely speculation on my part, but it is an educated guess based on what I’ve seen — which includes WAY too many hours of Lockup shows! 😂 I wish there was some way we could help out the casting department and get some legitimate dudes dating female inmates on this show!

Love During Lockup Raneka and Asonta

Raneka and Asonta (Smyrna, Georgia)

Raneka is a high energy rapper and entrepreneur who made the big move to Atlanta, GA with her two kids to be closer to Asonta. Raneka took a huge gamble on love with Asonta between the big move and sending him $1,000 a month from her cosmetic business. Tension arises as Raneka’s family feels Asonta isn’t good enough for her as they believe he passes the time talking to other women. Raneka is hoping for big things including a sparkling rock and rap career in Atlanta, but will those dreams ultimately become a reality?

WE tv is turning the tables on what viewers usually see on Lockup shows, which is a woman on the outside dating an aspiring male rapper who is in prison. This time the aspiring rapper is the woman on the outside! Should be fun!

Love During Lockup Season 3 premieres on Friday, July 21 at 9/8c on WE tv.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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