LOVE DURING LOCKUP LaTisha Collier’s tax business evicted again

Love During Lockup LaTisha Collier eviction document with income statement

Love During Lockup star LaTisha Collier continues to have legal issues. For the second time this year, one of her Boss Tax and Accounting Services locations has been evicted.

According to court documents, a writ of possession was issued on October 25 in regards to the office space leased by LaTisha’s business in Waterloo, Iowa. The dispute was over unpaid rent, just like Boss T&A’s previous eviction from their Davenport location in July.

From the judge’s ruling in regards to the Waterloo office:

Following service of the 10 and 3 Day Notices and Boss’ failure to comply with the same, the Petition for Forcible Entry & Detainer was filed on September 30, 2023. Ms. Collier was more than dismayed that the Petition for FED had been filed. She admitted that Boss’ office procedures had, from time to time, resulted in late payment of the monthly rent. These procedures have since been corrected.

…Plaintiff’s counsel disputed Ms. Collier’s assertions and desired for the Court to proceed with entry of an Order for a Writ of Possession.


That Defendant be removed from the premises described below and that Plaintiff(s) be put in possession of the premises. Upon issuance of the Writ of Execution, the court commands the Sheriff of BLACK HAWK, Iowa, to remove Defendant(s) from the premises in the daytime, put Plaintiff(s) in possession of the premises, and remove from the property all persons claiming to hold property under or by virtue of authority of permissions of Defendant(s). The court further orders that judgment be entered in favor of Plaintiff(s) and against Defendant(s) for the costs of this action and for all costs accrued on the Writ of Possession.

Description of Property:

Writ of Possession shall issue upon written request of Plaintiff filed with the Clerk within 3 days from the filing of this order.

UPDATE – The Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Department officially filed that the Writ of Possession was executed on November 6.

On the same day the writ of possession was issued, LaTisha filed an application to defer court costs and fees (and to defer/waive appeal bond fee).

Information from the form:

If you are getting public benefits, are a low-income person, or do not have enough income to pay for your household’s basic needs and your court fees, you may use this form to ask the court to defer your court costs and fees. The court may require you to answer questions about your finances.

LaTisha checked the box stating “I am unable to pay the filing fee, service costs, or other court costs.”

She states that her income sources are “business allowances” and she has zero dollars in cash, checking, and savings. LaTisha claims that her household income is $1,800 a month and she has 6 people living in her household. She lists her monthly expense from rent or mortgage, utilities, phone, food and transportation as $1,900 a month.

LaTisha signed the document certifying “under penalty of perjury and pursuant to the laws of the State of Iowa that the information I have provided in this Application is true and correct.”

If LaTisha’s income, expenses, and available cash are correct on the form, it’s hard to imagine she will get approved for a $895,000 mortgage on the house she claims to be in the process of buying! If the figures are not correct on the form, then LaTisha might be adding even more legal troubles to her already-full plate.

LaTisha Collier not in the clear in Waterloo

LaTisha Collier and Boss Tax and Accounting Services may have been evicted from their Waterloo location, but she’s still facing legal issues with the building’s previous owner.

As Starcasm reported in late August, LaTisha and her business were sued by The Waterloo Building on August 21. The Waterloo Building transferred ownership of the building housing Boss Tax & Accounting Services, and all of the corresponding leases, to Waterloo Commercial in June of this year.

However, it seems the previous owner was still owed some money by LaTisha’s business. From the filing on August 21:

You are notified that Plaintiff(s) demand(s) from you the amount of $4,243.68 plus court costs based on (state briefly the basis for the demand, not to exceed $6500):

Tenant Owes:

Rent: $3450
Utilities: $552.58
Late Fees: $176.10
Process Server: $65

Tenant sent 2 checks for settlement payment, both bounced – she has not responded to phone or text.

LaTisha responded to our article about the lawsuit by revealing she had no idea her business had been sued! Here’s the comment she left on our Facebook post about the article:

Thank you for the article Asa! I’m glad I keep you busy busy busyyyyyyyyyyyy! I’m actually grateful for this article because I had never recieved this notice of any type of small claims from the OLD owner of my Waterloo office. Thank you. I’ve reached out to him to get this resolved. Until next time 🫶🏼

LaTisha also posted a series of screen capped text messages with the previous owner of the building. In the text exchange, she admitted she didn’t know about the lawsuit and that she had to find out from a news article. “What can we do to resolve this? I don’t want a judgment,” LaTisha wrote.

“After I receive the money order I will notify the court to drop the case,” the previous building owner responded. “Until then it will proceed.”

LaTisha concluded the conversation by asking that she be served with any future legal paperwork at the new Davenport location of Boss Tax and Accounting Services.

It seems the person LaTisha was texting with never got her money order. According to court docket entries, the person followed LaTisha’s instructions and served her at the new Boss Tax and Accounting Services office in Davenport on September 12.

The case is still open at the time of this article being published.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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