LOVE DURING LOCKUP Haley Cole pregnant with twins! Could Dalton be the dad?

Love During Lockup Haley Cole pregnant with twins

We reported in late October that Love During Lockup Season 1 star Haley Cole was hinting that she might be pregnant with her second child. Well, she is no longer just hinting! And it’s not just her second child!

Earlier this month, Haley shared a photo of a positive pregnancy test in her Instagram stories. “Future mom to two,” she wrote on the image. A few followers speculated that Haley might be pregnant with twins, but most thought she was simply referring to her unborn baby and her eight-year-old son, Hendrix.

Very recently, Haley shared a photo of her belly and referenced her “babbby” and not “babbbies,” seemingly confirming she had no idea she was pregnant with twins:

Haley Cole from Love During Lockup is pregnant again belly

Haley shared a sonogram earlier today and officially made the announcement she is currently pregnant with twins!

“Please pray for me,” Haley captioned the photo. “God has blessed me with twins,” she added, along with a twins emoji. The date on the sonogram is November 21, 2023.

Haley’s new boyfriend, and the assumed father, Tyler, shared a message of support in Haley’s comments. His message certainly suggested that the twins reveal was a surprise!

“We got this babygirl,” he wrote, along with a red heart emoji. “This is so wild most definitely shocked. We got this we gonna do great! 😍”

Haley was active in the comments, responding to several messages of support. Here are a couple interactions:

COMMENT: 😮 That is so wild! And so cool!

HALEY: I’m mortified but everything happens for a reason! Lol ahh miss you darlin.

COMMENT: It’s truly a blessing. My twins are now 4. It’s been quite the journey

HALEY: My god please give me advice.

Haley hasn’t provided a due date yet, but the sonogram estimates a gestational‐age of seven weeks and three days. Based on that information, Haley would be due some time in early July of 2024.

Haley Cole relationship timeline

It has been a crazy 12 months for Haley in regards to her love life! She seemed to be happily dating another woman from November of 2022 up until late May of this year.

Soon after Haley started deleting photos and videos of the girlfriend from her social media profiles, she shocked her followers by announcing she was dating her Love During Lockup inmate bae Dalton Edgin again.

“It’ll always be you,” Haley captioned a couple Instagram photos being lovey dovey with Dalton, who was released from prison less than a month earlier.

The “always” that Haley mentioned turned out to be a little over two months. Dalton was arrested for domestic assault on August 25.

Haley later confirmed she and Dalton were done, and also seemed to confirm that she was the alleged victim of Dalton’s assault. “Single and focusing on myself and my SONshine,” Haley captioned a photo of herself on Instagram three days after Dalton’s arrest.

“Dalton was not good to me guys,” Haley wrote over another image that appeared to show a hole punched in a door. “Oh and this is just one hole.”

Dalton was released on bond soon after his arrest, but he was back in custody again on a parole hold less than a week later. He would eventually enter a plea of nolo contendre to the misdemeanor domestic assault charge. He was found guilty and sentenced to 63 days in jail with credit for 63 days time served.

Jail records indicate Dalton is still in custody for the parole hold. He was on parole stemming from convictions for felony burglary of a building and felony evading arrest. In September of 2020, Dalton was sentenced to 8 years in prison with 295 days credit for time served. His maximum time served release date was December 3, 2027.

Haley’s new boyfriend Tyler

Haley proved once again that she is lightening quick when it comes to rebounds! Roughly two weeks after Dalton’s arrest, Haley posted a photo on Instagram with a new man named Tyler.

Haley and Tyler seem happy together. But, Haley has seemed happy with her previous exes as well. Only time will tell with Tyler.

Could Dalton be the father of Haley’s twins? Given the estimated gestational age of seven weeks and three days provided on the sonogram, Haley would have conceived some time around October 21. That was two months after Dalton was arrested for assault, and roughly six weeks after Haley and Tyler went public with their relationship.

I think it it pretty safe to assume Tyler is the dad.

Congratulations to Haley and Tyler!

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