Kim Kardashian’s surrogate is reportedly due ‘before Christmas’

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It looks like Kim Kardashian is well ahead in the race to have the first delivery among the three currently pregnant family members. While Kylie Jenner is said to be due sometime in late February or early March, and Khloe Kardashian is apparently still planning to induce labor during the NBA All-Star Game, it looks like Kim will have her third child before 2017 has come to a close.

But when is Kim Kardashian’s surrogate due? The latest from Us Weekly (and their source is an anonymous insider, so take that for whatever you think it’s worth) claims that Kim and Kanye are expecting their third child at a still-unspecified point during the holiday season. “Kim’s surrogate is due before Christmas,” the source revealed, blowing up the previous timeline, which involved a January delivery. Plus, in a rare case of burying the lede, Us’ article is actually about how the “extensive renovations” at Kim & Kanye’s $20 million Hidden Hills mansion are almost complete, and they’re getting ready to move in.

Kardashian fans hoping for a photo reveal of Kim’s third baby on the infamous family Christmas card shouldn’t hold their breath, however. As Bustle points out, Saint West was absent from the family’s 2015 Christmas card despite being born on December 5th. The Kardashians’ Christmas card photo session usually comes well before the actual holiday–they’ve got to get those cards in the mail just like everybody else–which leaves plenty of time for drama over who gets to be included, like that time Kylie refused to pose unless it was with Tyga.

As for who Kim Kardashian’s surrogate actually is, the woman’s identity remains perhaps the entertainment industry’s most closely guarded secret. We only know a few things for sure: as this recent rundown pointed out, the woman is 27 years old, “a married African-American college graduate with two children of her own,” “a Democrat in ‘great physical shape,'” an “agency surrogate” (which is exactly what it sounds like), and is being pampered to no end by Kanye & Kim.

She’s apparently also receiving round-the-clock security–”low-key,” of course, since “Kanye doesn’t want the neighbors to realize” anything is amiss. But that security couldn’t stop at least one industrious paparazzo from snapping a few photos and shopping them around to various unnamed publications–none of which have yet published the photos. So it would seem that the surrogate’s pregnancy is also a race against morality.

(Photo credits: When is Kim Kardashian’s surrogate due via Instagram)

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