BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Tarik and Ricky collab on music video, Tarik hints he and Hazel will be back for another season

Before the 90 Days Kanye Lil Pump Tarik and Ricky music video meme

Before the 90 Days star Ricky Reyes looks to be changing his focus from his relationship status to his film production company, and one of his recent clients was none other than his TLC co-star Tarik Myers!

Tarik, who just released an album under his rapper name of Dirt Dayoh, recently flew down to Ricky’s new hometown of Austin, Texas where the two of them shot a music video for Tarik’s next single!

Ricky was the first to break the news last weekend with a tease on Instagram. “Prepping for a pretty big and fun project tomorrow and Monday,” Ricky captioned a photo of himself amid lots of photography and video equipment. “Will be filming a familiar face that most of you guys recognize,” he added. “The logistics was very hard but we finally managed to get a full crew. Can’t wait !!! ????”

Some commenters speculated that perhaps Ricky was working with fellow 90 Day Fiance franchise Austinite Mohamed Jbali, but he surprised everyone with the full reveal on Sunday:

“Day 1 of filming,” Ricky captioned the photo with Tarik, Ricky’s daughter Amber, and three models that are apparently going to be featured in the video.

Soon after, Ricky posted a couple photos of the actual music video being edited on his computer:

“Now time for the hardest and most difficult part. Editing,” Ricky wrote.

Rapper Tarik remained fairly quiet about the project until he returned to the east coast. He then uploaded a video explaining where he had been and also teasing his and fiancée Hazel’s return to TLC!

Here’s the clip:

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To answer your question…

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“I just got back from Austin, Texas shootin’ a full production video for one of the songs off of Working Man’s Gangsta,” Tarik explains through a full gold grill on his lower teeth. “Austin, Texas is hot!” he exclaims. “The video is hot! The women in the video are hot!”

Then Tarik spills the tea on the collaboration with Ricky. “Shout out Crown Film Productions! Ricky knows what he’s doing behind that camera! You can hate on him all you want, dat boy know what he doin’ behind the camera!”

Ricky chimes in by sharing his mutual admiration for Tarik’s talents in the comments. “Hi I want to say that working with Tarik was an amazing experience,” he writes. “The final product as I’m seeing the pre edits is amazing, it was hectic, however one of my best work. In addition this track, without a doubt is better than most of this new hip hop garbage.”

Prior to the music video news, Ricky addresses the Hazelephant in the room. “I ain’t hollered at y’all in a minute, so I had to get on here and address these questions I’ve gotten a hundred times,” he begins. “I can’t tell you about Hazel and I’s relationship. I can’t tell you the status of the K-1. I can’t tell you if we’re married. I can’t tell you if she’s here. I can’t tell you if I’m goin’ there. Mum’s the word, right?” Ricky then seems to REALLY imply that he and Hazel will be returning as part of the 90 Day Fiance franchise: “You can infer from that what you will.”

It’s unclear which song from Tarik’s new album will be getting the video treatment, although his Hazel proposal song “Far Round The Way Girl” is certainly a leading contender.

UPDATE – The song was “God Bliss Woman,” and here is the finished music video!

Hmmmm… Perhaps Before the 90 Days OG Darcey Silva and her twin sister Stacey need to hit Ricky up for their song “Lock Your Number?”

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