Kim Kardashian flaunts real hair; looks gorgeous on TikTok with no extensions

Kim Kardashian real hair no extensions

Those who critique Kim Kardashian for “being fake” need to sit down for this one.

The reality star and business mogul was recently on TikTok stripped down with minimal makeup, pajamas and (most shockingly) her real hair!

Kim and North on TikTok

Kim Kardashian admits she’d never be on TikTok if it wasn’t for daughter North West.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s mother daughter duo have a shared account that currently has 12.6M followers.

While most of the content seems to be produced by North, Kim makes a lot of appearances on the channel – including her much talked about video posted over the 2022 holiday season.


♬ original sound – ✰ Christmas sounds ✰

Set to Christmas music, the reality star sings along while showing off one of her most natural looks yet.

Kim Kardashian’s real hair

Fans were shocked to see the SKIM’s founder showing off her natural hair. Yes, in the TikTok Kim is featured without any extensions or wigs.

Kim told Interview Magazine earlier this fall that she loves being blonde and planned to keep the frosty color for a while:

I am keeping it for a little bit. I feel like in the fall I’ll go dark, just because I don’t want to damage my hair. But, I do think blondes have more fun. I just feel different.

If Kim Kardashian changes her hair, it’s news. We just weren’t expecting a change like this!

In screenshots from the TikTok you can see the recently divorced stars natural hair, which is currently shoulder length.

Kim Kardashian natural hair photos

Kim’s TikTok controversy

Of course it wouldn’t be a Kardashian story if there wasn’t a bit of controversy. It turns out some of the videos on Kim and North’s TikTok are criticized.

Most recently, North West transformed into her famous rapper father Kanye West… much to fans dismay.


♬ Bound – Asawa ni mae

The “weird” ode to Kanye was seen as inappropriate to those who pointed out the Bound 2 music video being referenced includes a fully nude Kim Kardashian.

Haters gonna hate – we personally think Kim looks gorgeous in all her TikTok’s!

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