Does Kanye West have brain damage from his car accident years ago?

Kanye West’s public antics have been questionable for awhile, and many speculate that Kanye has a mental health issue that affects his thinking and behavior (just yesterday Kanye brought up during his Trump meeting press conference that he was “misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder, and he has previous spoken out about becoming addicted to opiates.) Podcaster Joe Rogan, however, has a different speculative explanation for why Kanye publicly acts out the way her does: his devastating 2002 car crash in Los Angeles after a recording session.

In 2002 Kanye was a little-known rapper who’s claim-to-fame was producing some of Jay-Z work. He was in the studio recording with Beanie Sigel, Peedi Crack and The Black Eyed Peas the night of the ancient. At 3 a.m., Kanye left in a rented Lexus and slammed into oncoming traffic after getting cut off near the W Hotel in L.A.

Kanye thankfully survived the crash and was back in the studio as soon as he could be recording songs even though his jaw was wired shut. He put a photo of his banged-up face on the back of the resulting mixtape Get Well Soon.

On two separate occasions this year Joe Rogan has brought up his theory that Kanye may have experienced a brain injury during his near-fatal car accident. Joe often brings up the subject of sports-related head injuries because of his past as an MMA commentator, and suffering a head injury in a car accident can sustain the same sort of life-long problems.

“If you get hit in the head a lot, you have brain damage,” Rogan said back in May. Earlier this month he got a little more deep into the Kanye head-injury speculation.

“He did get into a serious car accident . . .,” Rogan said. “That is not a joke. Brain trauma? Listen, I’m not a doctor or anything remotely related to one, but I’ve been around a lot of people that have been hit in the head a lot. That s**t’s real. That will change your brain chemistry . . . there are a lot people who come back from significant head trauma and they’re scrambled, man. And he may be one of them.”

He went on hint that maybe being around the Kardashians for too long may help explain Kanye’s behavior.

Kanye assured Trump during his meeting yesterday that he has been evaluated by a neurologist who told him he has a genius IQ.


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