VIDEO That time Kanye West met with President-elect Donald Trump


This is yuge Yeezy!

In what has to me the most ‘Merica! moment of this holiday season, rapper and self-described genius Kanye West held court at Trump Tower with none other than President-elect Donald Trump.

West, fresh out of an 8-day stay at a psychiatric ward in Los Angeles, requested some face time with the former Celebrity Apprentice star and future leader of the free world. The Donald obliged and the pair hung out for around 15 minutes before coming down in the elevator together.

Trump and West stood awkwardly next to each other as the press took photos and asked a bunch of questions. The to-be POTUS said that he and Kanye have “been friends for a very long time.” West just stood there with his arm folded and a dissatisfied glare.

TMZ reported that West’s primary goal on his trip to the NYC is to secure a go-to psychiatrist when he is on the East coast.