5 quotes from Kanye West’s ‘Sermon on the Couch’ via Ellen


Kanye West went full “Kanye” during his appearance on Ellen today.

West was keeping it relatively cool until Ellen asked him about his public multi-million dollar donation petition made to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg. You can see the light go off in Yeezy’s dome as he rolls right into a seriously long and heartfelt explanation about the reasons he believes so deeply in himself, and how that connection to making the world better motivates his life.

West talks about his dad’s struggles and his mom’s education. He reveals that he’s reached out to Payless with his fashion ideas to help end bullying. He also talked about a condition he has called synesthesia that allows him to see sound.

Here’s 5 (including the top image) hand-selected quotes from Kanye’s fascinating sermon on the couch:





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