Kim Kardashian baby update: Star hiding out at Kris Jenner’s house ‘until she gets her figure back’

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The latest Kim Kardashian baby update sees the star trying to return to some semblance of a normal life. Interest in her newborn baby Saint West is so high, though, that Kim has resorted to an unusual tactic: she’s seeking asylum at mom Kris Jenner’s house for at least a few days, in order to wait out the worst of the Kim Kardashian baby mania.

To date, no Saint West baby photo–from either official or paparazzi-based channels–has emerged, and Kim would very much like to stay ahead of the story on this one. In fact, the only “image” we have of Saint West is the emoji that came from the first official Kim Kardashian baby update, when she and Kanye West announced the name:


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There has been some unofficial baby news leakage, though. E! recently caught up with Kris Jenner at the THR Women in Entertainment Breakfast, and Saint West’s grandmother took the opportunity to gush: “He’s so cute!” she said, when asked. “He looks like North West. He’s delicious.”

As for Kim and company? “Everybody’s good,” Kris confirmed. “Everybody’s happy tucked in, ready for the holidays.”

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It’s a good thing, too: according to a series of Kim Kardashian updates, the 35-year-old mother of two is hiding out at Kris’ house until she’s ready for Saint West to be photographed–and until Kim herself feels prepared. A source with inside knowledge of the Kim Kardashian baby situation told the New York Daily News that Kim thinks hideout is the best thing for her family right now.

“She will not be showing herself until she’s in tip top shape,” said the source. “Kim went to Kris’ [house]. She’s there with Kanye and North. And why would she leave? She has everything she needs there, so she won’t be showing her face.”

The source did not comment, however, on why Kris’ house is a better hideout than Kim and Kanye’s own. But the extra company doesn’t seem to bother Kris, who wasn’t done sharing tidbits about Saint West. “I love the baby name. It’s amazing,” she told Us. “He’s definitely a saint. It’s perfect.”

And Kim herself was “amazing” throughout the difficult delivery, said Kris. “She was amazing. I mean, she’s a really strong girl—a little cranky when she gets uncomfortable—but other than that, she’s amazing.”


(Photo credits: Kim Kardashian baby update via Instagram)

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