Lisa Ann promises to free Kanye West’s d!ck pics when she dies

Kanye West and Lisa Ann 2

Apparently, Kanye West and Lisa Ann share a secret–and the former porn star intends to take it to her grave. A few months ago, Lisa Ann accused Kanye of sending her a treasure trove of d!ck pics; now, she’s reiterated her claim, and explained that she’s given strict instructions to her legal counsel to release the pictures upon her death.

Lisa Ann–who retired from her on-screen career in 2014, after featuring in approximately 500 films over a 20-year career–claims that Kanye West e-mailed her a great many d!ck pics back in 2011, after he’d split from Amber Rose but before he got together with Kim Kardashian. According to Ann, the images were totally unsolicited. Kanye has yet to address her allegations; so, in a recent interview, the 44-year-old went into more detail:

“[Just] so you know,” Lisa Ann explained, “I have a very nice celebrity folder of c*ck shots. And every year, when I do my corporate taxes with my tax attorney, I update my will….So, when I die, the sh*t’s gonna hit the fan.

“I’m hoping that this helps keep me alive,” said Lisa Ann, who has apparently been receiving death threats, “because some people may not want to admit they’ve sent unwarranted d!ck pics.”

She further explained that she was scheduled to meet Kanye after a 2011 show at Los Angeles’ Staples Center–but that, according to Ann, was the show that Kim Kardashian attended, and Kanye was so taken with Kim that he blew off all other post-performance promises.


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