VIDEO Primer for tonight’s Teen Mom 2 season 3 premiere

Tonight’s the night for the premiere of the 3rd season of Teen Mom 2. Kailyn, Jenelle, Leah and Chelsea have been out and about doing the promotional rounds for the show and we’ve got the following teaser interview via Us to get “us” primed for tonight’s launch.

In addition, MTV’s Remote Control Blog provided a Cliffs Notes of what to expect for the latest installment of the popular franchise. First up here’s the video in which Leah talks Jeremy and Corey, Kailyn chats up Joe, Jenelle dishes on who a father figure for her son would need to be and Chelsea tells us about the farewell to Adam. Oh, and they all talk up their growing kids of course!


Leah: “You’ll see me and Corey really confused about whether we want to make our family work. It’s a lot of mixed feelings.”

Kailyn: “Jo and I are doing pretty well right now. We don’t really see much of each other, but we’re at a point where we can be cordial for Isaac’s sake.”

Jenelle: “He [son Jace] talks and talks and talks. It’s all about, ‘Why this?’ ‘Why that?’ ‘Why is the sky blue?’ He’s at that cute stage.”

Chelsea: “After what I went through with Adam, I’m really picky now. I do not see any dating in the near future at all.”

Here’s the cheat sheet provided by MTV for the upcoming season. Of course, many of our dedicated Starcasm readers knew all this already 🙂

Kailyn: After her mother’s boyfriend left her a nasty note, Kail took it upon herself to move into her own place. Things were going well with beau Jordan, but old feelings for Jo crept in and Kailyn ended up acting on them. Jordan was not too happy with the cheating and left her to decide whether or not pursuing a relationship with Jo was a good idea. Think Jo will come around to the idea of getting back together, or will Kailyn be stuck in the friend zone?

Jenelle: When we last saw Jenelle, she had just left rehab, where she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Understatement of the century: she had a rough season. But by the finale, her life was getting back on track. She was getting along with her mother and had finally set up some healthy boundaries with Kieffer. Think Jenelle can stay sober and continue on a positive path for her son?

Leah: After finding out that she cheated right before their wedding, Leah’s husband Corey was crushed. The young mom made a preĂ«mptive move to maintain custody of their twins and filed for divorce, but it was obvious that feelings still remained between the couple. Think they can work it out? There’s also the very serious matter of Ali’s health–we’re hoping she’s made progress!

Chelsea: Pursuing her GED and working on her will-they-won’t-they relationship with Adam, Chelsea was trying to sort out her priorities regarding her future and love life. Can she put Adam behind her for good to focus on her beauty school dreams? Her dad is certainly rooting for it. Then again, there’s always the chance that Adam will step up…

Get your popcorn ready and your calendar cleared for the show tonight at 10/9c.