PHOTO Is Jenelle Evans engaged to Courtland Rogers?

Jenelle Evans and her possible fiance Courtland Rogers

Jenelle Evans may be getting ready to walk down the aisle with her boyfriend of just over two months, Courtland Rogers. The two may not have been together for very long, but they have been attached at the hip since September. So, could he be the one? Jenelle seems to think so. Just moments ago, the Teen Mom 2 star posted a photo of her ring finger… and there’s a diamond on it!

So how did it happen? According to Jenelle, it was totally unexpected. “Courtland felt like spending money,” she explains. “Lmao he is inside the store for 2 hours and comes out and BAM! HOLY SH!T!” Along with the shocking tweet, Jenelle posted the photo below of her new diamond ring.

Jenelle Evans shows off her new diamond engagement ring?

While she has yet to confirm or deny an engagement, we have to ask, what else would she be doing with a diamond ring on her finger? Of course, the presence of what appears to be a wedding band as well seems odd. Perhaps they are already married? You just never know in Oak Island!

Anyways, congratulations to Jenelle for at least getting a new ring 🙂

On a side note, could you imagine having Babs Evans as a mother in law? Speaking of which, Twitter phenomenon @BabsEvansMTV offered up her reation moment ago by tweeting a photo of the ring and exclaiming, “DON’T B FOOLED BY THA ROCKS THAt SHES GAHT,SHEs STILL JENELLE FRAHM THA BLOCK! Look at this ring!”

UPDATE – Courtland later tweeted, “made my girl smile when it was desperatley needed!!!! today is nasty outside….need sunlight baddddddd !!!! everyone….i need followers”

UPDATE – Jenelle added the photo to Facebook along with an in-depth explanation which would seem to indicate there was no proposal and is no engagement. Yet.

So Courtland goes inside Zales in the mall. I was in the food court eating. I was getting p!ssed and stressed he was meeting up with some other girl and come to find out we leave the mall and get in the car and he pulls out this!!! He stated “Diamonds lasts forever and go hard or go home.” So now I have a white gold 1.5 karat diamond ring for simply being his girlfriend. I love u so f***ing much, u mean everything to me. ♥ I’m not even his fiancé, best gift EVER! Thanks gorgeous!!

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She then added, “NO IM NOT ENGAGED, the ring was just a present from him to me. 🙂 that’s all.”