Jenelle Evans’ fiance Courtland Rogers on her hospital stay and wrecking her car

Jenelle Evans and fiance Courtland Rogers in her car

Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans is still in the hospital for what she says are issues stemming from her ovarian cysts, so her Facebook fan page admin Sarah RaeAnn took to Ustream for a live video during which she talked with Jenelle’s fiance Courtland Rogers on speakerphone in an attempt to clear up some of the rumors being spread about why Jenelle is actually in the hospital and whether or not he wrecked her car. (Keeping up with Jenelle is complicated y’all!)

As far as Jenelle’s hospital stay, Courtland pretty much toed the party line and affirmed what Jenelle has said all along, that she is in for issues stemming from her ovarian cysts. (Sarah RaeAnn once again says Jenelle’s birth control — which was Implanon as of June of this year — is believed to have contributed to the ruptured cyst.) Courtland said Jenelle had surgery this morning and should be out late tomorrow or Friday. He, Jenelle’s mother Barbara Evans, and her son Jace will be visiting Jenelle tonight at 7:30 when she has visiting hours.

As far as the car wreck, Courtland admits that he did wreck Jenelle’s VW Jetta, but that she wasn’t in the car at the time and it isn’t totaled, as has been rumored online. Here is what Courtland texted to Sarah RaeAnn about the accident:

Jenelle wasn’t even in the wreck. I was on my way to her to see her in the hospital after letting Brody outside, and I had two dozen roses in the passenger seat next to me. All I know is that the temperature gauge in the car went hot and then the smoke came through the vents and the floor and I couldn’t see anything and the car ran off the side of the road.

And in case you missed it, here is the photo of the wrecked car that surfaced online earlier today:

Did Courtland Rogers total Jenelle Evans' car VW Jetta?

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