Kieffer Delp childhood photo

Childhood photo of Kieffer Delp, ex boyfriend of Teen Mom Jenelle Evans

Once again it appears that Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is completely through with her on again/off again/in jail again boyfriend Kieffer Delp after breaking up with him during an ill-fated trip to his hometown in New Jersey. (Collective “Awwwww man!” from all the Delper fans out there.) (Collective “Hoo-ray!” from all the Jenelle fans.) But before Keeeeffuh! leaves the virtual pages of starcasm forever (there’s still a 42.8% chance he and Jenelle will get back together), I had to share the above childhood photo of lil Kieffer shared by his mom on Twitter earlier this week.

She tweeted the photo along with the question, “Who’s that guy???”

Then, in true contemporary social media fashion, she then tweeted the answer along with a “proof” picture of Kieffer holding the photo!

Kieffer Delp shows off a photo of himself as a child

The lil Delper pic is not only important because it proves he was an adorable little charmer, but also because it proves that he did have his own car at one time. Hi yooooo! (Yes, I was surprised he wasn’t wearing a little green hoodie.)