Jenelle Evans court appearance details

Jenelle Evans and her attorney Dustin Sullivan leaving court

Jenelle Evans and her ex-fiance Gary Head appeared in a North Carolina courtroom yesterday to face drug and assault charges stemming from their June 24 arrests. The cases were continued until next month, but as far as why and what else went down there are numerous sources with varying accounts — as is often the case with any event involving Jenelle. So what really happened inside and outside the courtroom Monday?

We’ve compiled all the different accounts, including a statement from Jenelle’s attorney Dustin Sullivan (seen with Jenelle in the photo above at a previous court appearance in July, 2011). Also providing some clarification is an objective account from a local media source that also sheds some light on what happened during the arrest as well as the mystery behind Kieffer and Gary’s dispute outside the courthouse!

Jenelle made a statement soon after leaving court which read, “Kieffer chased after my ex when we took a break for lunch and it kicked off court grounds while my ex chilled with the cops scared. Got continued because they are looking into more evidence about the abuse and I denied their plea bargain.”

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans with black hair
^ Jenelle Evans on Monday after her court appearance, showing off her new darker hair color (and her still relatively new booooobs!)

We talked with Jenelle’s attorney Dustin Sullivan, who told us in a statement, “[Jenelle’s] court date was continued to August 27 to allow the D.A. to speak with the investigators some more about the incident. No formal plea offer was made.”

Jenelle later clarified, “Gary’s lawyer offered a plea bargain to me and him and Gary said yes and I said no.” She added, “his lawyer came up with the idea and everyone agreed except myself.”

As far as the drama outside the courtroom, Star News reports Jenelle arrived to the courthouse with her current flame Kieffer Delp and the MTV cameras in tow. Gary Head, dressed in uniform, also brought a date with him — his new girlfriend Claudia. (Who he allegedly cheated on Jenelle with during the time Gary and Jenelle were engaged. I know, it’s complicated!)

Jenelle and Keiffer were outside the courthouse being filmed by MTV during a morning break when they spotted Gary walking out hand-in-hand with Claudia. According to Star News, Kieffer yelled an anti-gay slur at Gary which was overheard by a bailiff who then made Kieffer leave the courthouse grounds. (Judging by Kieffer’s latest tweet, we’d have to assume he was using the f-word.)

Gary Head Jenelle Evans Kieffer Delp mug shot photos

After Kieffer left, Jenelle was seen crying as she sat on the courthouse steps for nearly 30 minutes, until heading back inside the courthouse.

Star News also revealed some rather interesting details about Jenelle and Gary’s arrests in the early morning hours of June 24. “Both parties accused each other of assaulting one another,” it states in the Leland Police Department report. “One party went into a room and came out with some narcotics and paraphernalia and stated it belonged to the other.” It’s not clear whether it was Gary or Jenelle who retrieved the items that caused the couple to be charged with the additional counts of drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Gary and Jenelle are scheduled to appear in court again on August 27.

That should get you all caught up until at least a few minutes ago! Of course, this will all literally be yesterday’s news come tomorrow I’m sure.

Jenelle posted a Youtube video earlier today thanking her fans for their diligence and support through all of this: