Jenelle Evans’ husband Courtland Rogers charged with a felony hours before marrying

Courtland Roger and Jenelle Evans pose together

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans (Rogers?) is no stranger to eventful and dramatic days, but today just about has to take the cake! Shortly before Jenelle Evans wed her fiance Courtland Rogers in a courthouse wedding earlier today, Courtland was in court for something different — to be charged with a felony!

“Courtland Rogers was charged with a felony in North Carolina on Tuesday for obtaining property by false pretenses,” a source tells Radar Online. “Straight after that court hearing was finished Jenelle and Courtland got married at the magistrate’s office.” I suppose the couple should be commended for making efficient use of their time — talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Courtland Roger and Jenelle Evans at the Olive Garden following their courthouse wedding

According to the source, Jenelle’s new husband was looking a bit worse for wear and was exhibiting some odd behavior. “Courtland was picking scabs on his face while he was in the court and his face was starting to bleed.”

Another source close to Jenelle claimed that she has everyone worried that she may have started using drugs again. “Everyone is worried about Jenelle,” the source said. “And her appearance and actions on Tuesday did nothing to quell the concerns.”

A third source close to Jenelle expressed concern that she may have gotten married for the wrong reasons. “Jenelle might be stupid enough to think that if she is married to Courtland then she won’t have to testify against him in his upcoming trial, but since the incident happened before they got married that isn’t the case,” the source said.

Interestingly enough, Jenelle had previously claimed that there was a good reason for her getting engaged to and marrying Courtland so quickly. Could this be what she was referring to?

Courtland is due back in court on January 3, 2013.

UPDATE – Courtland has responded to the charges in a looooooong blog entry posted on Jenelle Evans’ web site moments ago. In the post, included in its entirety below, Courtland writes, “check my records i have not been in any trouble for the past 7 years until recently i have had somebody take false charges out on me but thats ok because i am innocent so i will be okay.”

Here’s the full entry:

Baby Momma Drama
December 5, 2012

To clear things up….I am definitely not on ANY type of drugs !!! i have been there done that and its in the past…i am currently working for a roofing company and bring in about $700.00 a week which is not a lot i know but its honest and gives me something to be grateful for….taylor lewis..a.k.a my baby momma has recently out of nowhere realized that she can be heard now since i date jenelle and thinks that its cool to try and get fame by putting me down on being a father or what she calls a ‘DeadBeat” father…i am a great father for the record…i love my daughter with all my heart and taylor honestly knows that she has even said it to me before…these past 6 months i have only gotten to see jaja (Jordan) 4 times…and all were brief visits by getting lucky at the right place at the right time…i am up to date on all child support and always have. to clear this issue up as well i never stole any card from taylor and never took money from my daughter…omg i would never …i pay child support every month and still manage to buy diapers and food and diaper rash cream etc….because taylor is always broke and never can do it herself so i am steadily having to give my sister money to run out to wherever it is that taylor lives because she wont tell me…she keeps jaja away from me…changes her phone number every 5 days and is M.I.A….i started dating jenelle and i guess taylor thinks she can get money or something from making me look bad…if yall only knew taylor…the real taylor….she meets mexicans at wal-mart with her sister kristen and gets there phone numbers…then she meets them at this motel on long beach called captains cove or a few other random hotels and gets them to set money on the dresser then she proceeds to take her clothes off but grabs the money off the table and runs out the door and jumps in the car that her sister, kristen, is operating and they go get pills. you can check kristens record, taylors grandma’s house in ocean isle beach recently got raided for a pill bust..her own grandma is strung out…and they took kristen..her boyfriend JR and Taylors dad all to jail where kristen stayed for like 4 months and where there dad still stays..he is actually in prison..all for selling pills, CPS has been notified by me i am so worried because now i have just been notified that taylor is living back there with jaja and her sister and grand ma and i am so scared that jaja is going to pick a pill up off the floor and eat it or that something tragic is going to happen to my innocent daughter. check my records i have not been in any trouble for the past 7 years until recently i have had somebody take false charges out on me but thats ok because i am innocent so i will be okay in the end it is just so disrespectful this whole situation with taylor…she has now even gone to extremes as recording phone calls and bringing my sister into this…i have NEVER hurt my daughter and i have equal rights and she wont let me ever see her…the other night taylor called my sister at 2 am and had her come get jaja from this house taylor was at because taylor told my sister and i quote ” carson…u have to come get jaja …i am to messed up and got kicked out my house and where i am is not good for jana”. so my sister went and got her…i was just getting in from NYC and my sister called me and told me the story about taylor so i drove to my sisters house and got my daughter and then the next day when taylor got sober…she found out i had jaja and tried to get me for kidnapping !! really??? anyway no matter what kristen or taylor say about me and my personal life…they are lying…i have only known taylor for a week when she got pregnant..she does not know me…anything about me besides the fact that i am jana”s father…she is trying to get fame and noticed and thinks she is going to get rich or that some magazine will do stories on her…this is sad and it is so bad for jana…she is so innocent and its not at all fair !! I WANT MY DAUGHTER SAFE ! and i need help with this …i am noting this for the record that all this information is true and i will stand by it through court if needed…..check public records and see kristen has been strung out on pills forever now..and taylors dad is jimmy lewis!!!….please help me with information on how to handle this properly and dont feed to her bs !!! thank you !!! jenelle and i appreciate this tremendously and hopefully i will be back in jaja”s life as soon as possible.