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Chelsea Houska Teen Mom 2 Season 3Teen Mom 2 Season 3
Kail Lowry Teen Mom 2 Season 3Leah Calvert Teen Mom 2 Season 3

On Thursday MTV announced Teen Mom 2 Season 3 would premiere on Monday, November 12 at 10/9c and today they released the first preview trailer for the new season!

The clip doesn’t reveal too much. Actually, some of that footage is from last season — which means close to two years ago in real time. (In the trailer we can clearly see an emotional Leah wearing an orange sweater from the scene made famous by photos taken in April of 2011 in which she and a friend are reading over papers that are reportedly printed out Facebook conversations between Corey Simms and another girl.)

The narrator introduces the clip by stating, “Teen Mom 2 is back and it’s bringing the drama to Monday nights.” That is followed by brief themed out segments titled “rehab” (Jenelle), “custody” (Kailyn), “divorce” (Leah), “jail” (Jenelle), and “fun animal prints for the fall” (Chelsea). (Just kidding about the last one.) The clip wraps up with what is apparently going to be the Teen Mom 2 slogan because of its new night, “Mondays are a mother.”

My favorite part of the clip? Jace looking uber dudely and 100% drama-proof!

Jenelle Evans son Jace Edwards Teen Mom 2 Season 3

The little man is just a toddler and he’s already super cool posing with a fan. (Ha!)

So who’s excited for the new season?!? I agree with fans that complain about the lag time between real events and being shown on MTV, but even with that being said, I can’t wait!

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