Jenelle Evans admits to using hydrocodone to Leah Calvert’s friend Amy LaDawn Nichols

Jenelle Evans Facebook conversation with Leah Messer's friend Amy LaDawn Nichols admitting using hydrocodone

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has all but admitted that she began using heroin while dating Kieffer Delp, but she is reportedly trying to break her addiction with the help of hydrocodone. The only problem is, according to a Facebook conversation with Teen Mom 2 costar Leah Calvert’s good friend Amy LaDawn Nichols, Jenelle’s supply of hydrocodone ran out just prior to Christmas causing her to experience withdrawal symptons as well as acid reflux and stomach cramps.

Here is the conversation:

Jenelle Rogers: Are u withdrawing? That might be why I feel like this honestly… I just got a script for hydrocordons and figured it would be ok to take well when I ran out I withdrew AGAIN like three days ago
And today is my 5th day
I had acid reflux horribly and stomach cramps and everything… Still do 🙁

Amy LaDawn Nichols: No it shouldn’t be withdraw cause Ive been on suboxone since the 11th. But I’m sorry girl and yeah that’s probably what your going thru 🙁 after an addiction and dependency like opiates, loratabs can still f**k your world up.. You wouldn’t think so cause it’s not shot compared to opanas or heroin but it can 🙁

Amy LaDawn: It shouldn’t take more than 7 days though so hopefully yours will be over soon. Try to buy a sub strip from someone and only take 1/4 a day see if that helps
I’ve got some I’d give ya but I’m all the way in WV

Jenelle: Yeah that’s what I was thinking to do but it’s like now who do I trust that won’t sell me out that I bought suboxone… Ugh lol ill find someone!! But yeah it sux I feel bad for Courtland becuz yesterday his script ran out too soooo tomorrow is going to be extremely sh!tty for him !!! Omg I feel so bad for him

* It should be noted that the Facebook conversation was a private one posted by one of Jenelle’s many detractors on Twitter. Some have speculated that it may have been leaked by Courtland, who has stated he has access to Jenelle’s passwords, while the two were separated after a recent spat.

Jenelle’s admission is sure to make headlines, but the real story here is Amy’s response to the conversation leaking online, which is a brutally honest admission of drug addiction from someone struggling through the recovery process. It seems a shame that her interaction with Jenelle was exposed because she seems like exactly the kind of person Jenelle needs to be talking to! Here is Amy’s response on Twitter:

For the record, MY past and MY mistakes were just that MINE. And they are MY business not the worlds. Yes, my close friends and family know what they needed to and they are there to support me in my recovery. Im not going to deny what I did. But I have learned from it and I am moving forward and I am getting clean. I am in treatment and I am no longer doing any of that.

My friend Leah does NOT need to be involved with any of this. She is my best friend, And yes she knows about it. But she did NOT agree with it or have ANYTHING to do with it. So why are people even bringing her into it. Leah would never do the things I did and I was so ashamed of what I did that I even hid it from her.

She actually quit talking to me for a while and I was not allowed around the girls, But I knew that was her protecting herself and her children. We are talking and everything agian now. And I am thankful that she is still there for me. But please leave her out of this. THIS was MY mistake. And yes I have to deal with that, And I will battle with this for a long time. But my plan is to stay clean and get back to the AMY that everyone knew for so long. I am 3 weeks sober. So please stop with the bullsh!t. She does NOT need this and NEITHER do I. OKAY?

Judge me if you wish, I admit that I fell into the world of drug addiction that MANY have dealt with, However I am ONE of FEW who get HELP!!

A fan commended Amy for being willing to admit her drug problems, to which Amy responded by writing, “I admitted it after 7 months and now 8 months later Im sober. Its hard but I hate that its on blast now. Its really sh!tty.”

Leah Messer Calvert's friend Amy LaDawn Nichols
^ Leah Calvert’s friend Amy LaDawn Nichols

Of course Amy’s comments drew some negative comments from “fans” of Jenelle upset that she would confirm the Facebook conversation was real, to which Amy responded on Facebook by writing:

I dont like how you guys take me defending myself & turn it into me confirming anything, but in my defense, I had to defend myself when everyone’s going to my bestfriend asking questions. I did NOT intentionally confirm anything and I do not want Jenelle upset with me. I just cant have people going to leah or saying leah was involved when she wasnt, especially when Leah actually quit talking to me while I was on drugs. This just isn’t far to myself or Jenelle. & Its sad for both of us. That conversation was PRIVATE for a reason. It wasnt like we talked about anything in comments.

I just can’t say enough about how much I admire Amy and how she addressed the situation she found herself in. A private conversation was made public revealing that she had a drug addiction, and not only is Amy willing to own up to the fact, but her main concern seems to be for her friend Leah, who is unfairly being dragged into it. And let’s remember, this all happened because she was genuinely trying to help someone else who was dealing with drug addiction.

Amy later continued the conversation about her road to recovery on Twitter. Here are most of the tweets — I’ve left off some of the tweets she is responding to assuming you will be able to figure out what they said:

Thank you all for the supportive tweets about my recovery. It was hard at 1st, but that’s in the past now & Im back to being sober & clean.

Yes, Ill be on Suboxone for at least a year.. For me its been great. Its saved my life. I hope it works for you. #GoodLuck

I was addicted to opiates. Pain pills & Heroin. BIG MISTAKE on my part, but I knew I couldn’t live that way, So I got help.

FYI: I felt horrible for what I did to my family and friends. I hurt them & I was suicidal over it. But I’m thankful I’m okay now and alive.

Almost it will be a month sober on Jan 11th. #ICanAndWillOverComeThis

[Jenelle] came to me in confidence cause she knew Id understand, I don’t blame her, I just hate this for both of us.

Drug addiction can get a hold of anyone. But it doesnt make you a bad person, unless you let it. Choose help & overcome it. #ItsNOTEasyTho

Well, I didnt expect all this sh!t tonight, but anyways, I guess I said what I needed to. Im sorry it came out this way or even at all. #FML

Thank you all for the supportive tweets though. I really do appreciate it. Im going to stay strong & clean for everyone around me. #Sobriety

I understand that I really hurt my family and friends even though I didnt mean to. Im very sorry for it though. I love them all very much.

Goodnight everyone. I really need to go to sleep now. Its been a long night as you can see. Hope everyone was safe tonight. #HappyNewYear!

Amy returned to Twitter this morning and added:

FYI: I wasn’t on drugs long.. I started doing it here & there in April/May, I wasn’t addicted until June, & I QUIT in December. ONLY 8 mths.

I am 3 weeks and 1 day sober today. & I will be in treatment for 1-3 yrs on Suboxone. Its a great medicine. It saved my life. #ImBackToMe 🙂

Im on 2 strips a day.. Just started tho so my tapers far away.. But I go to therapy and groups too. It helps me a lot.

Yes, to all the people asking. My drug addiction is part of why Cory and I aren’t together anymore. I do hope one day we get back together.

People also need to realize, Its not always addiction that get people. People who get prescribed pain pills become defendant on it too. #FYI

Ive seen MANY older people on Methadone/Suboxone, who I know for a fact werent just “addicts”, just unfortunate ppl who lost their medicine.

People also need to realize, Its not always addiction that get people. People who get prescribed pain pills become dependent on it too. #FYI

You can continue to follow Amy on her road to recover by following her on Twitter!

I just want to say thanks to Amy for being so open and honest. I wish her the best and have faith she has the strength and motivation to gain her life, family, friends, and old self back!