Why was Jenelle Evans in the hospital? Was it ovarian cysts, heroin, failed alien abduction?

Jenelle Evans in the hospital - two timelines

For those of us who virtually follow the day-to-day life of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans via social media, the last few days have been nothing short of mind-blowingly confusing. The 20-year-old reality star apparently checked herself into a hospital on November 23, and since that time has been basically absent from the internet. Her brief, vague, and sporadic updates have done little to quell all of the speculation and information gathering by her fans and detractors, which has created a mish-mash of rumors including a car wreck, heroin overdose, and even dog murders. (I’m not kidding! This is Jenelle remember.)

Anyway, it was all so confusing that I felt I would take the day to organize it all into two separate timelines for those slightly less dedicated Jenelle followers looking for the Cliffs Notes version. The first timeline is the “official” timeline of events according to Jenelle Evans herself, her fiance Courtland, and her Facebook fan page admin Sarah RaeAnn. The second is a cobbled together timeline of everything else, with entries allegedly from Jenelle’s sister Ashleigh, the sister of the mother of Courtland’s daughter Jordan, and even a patient that says she was in the room next to Jenelle in the ER!

November 11: Just after returning from her trip to New York City for Teen Mom 2 After show tapings (which Jenelle missed due to being hospitalized for her ovarian cysts), Jenelle and Courtland get caught up in a custody dispute with the mother of Courtland’s one-year-old daughter Jordan. Jordan would eventually wind up back with her mother, Taylor Lewis, but not until after a heated dispute that included Jenelle and Courtland being accused of kidnapping. The reason Taylor was able to get Jordan back is because Jenelle had to reenter the hospital with further complications stemming from her ovarian cysts.

November 14: Jenelle receives a diamond ring from Courtland but writes in an explanation on Facebook, “NO IM NOT ENGAGED, the ring was just a present from him to me. that’s all.”

November 19: A rather rough looking Jenelle and Courtland participate in a live Ustream chat during an episode of Teen Mom 2 during which Jenelle announces she and Courtland are engaged. She states that there is a very important reason why the two got engaged so quickly, but she can’t reveal what it is. Her and Courtland’s appearances spark speculation she may be using drugs again.

Jenelle Evans' family sister Ashleigh mother Barbara Evans son Jace and her brother

November 22: Jenelle tweets a photo of her entire family (above), including mom Barbara Evans, sister Ashleigh, and her brother, along with the caption, “#TheEvansFamily lmao all of us together and not arguing for once yayyy! :D”

November 23: Jenelle seems to be coming down with a severe illness that affects her ability to talk regularly, tweeting, “God I’m so sick I haven’t been able to have my own voice in 3 days. 🙁 it’s still gone”

November 23 (later): Jenelle tweets “Lets cough up a lung today Jenelle…. Ugh….” That will be her last tweet for a couple days as she reportedly checks into the hospital.

November 24: Jenelle’s fiance Courtland Rogers begins frantically tweeting his concerns for her, asking Jenelle to please let him know how she’s doing.

omg i have never needed u so bad @PBandJenelley_1 please god call or let me know something !! i am soo worried about u…and cant get to u

im trying to find a ride so i can b there by yourside threw this babe..i promise..i am waitin on a taxi to call me back…i am tryin so hard

i cant stop worrying about u @PBandJenelley_1 pleaseeee call and let me know some news…please call baby pleaeeee….i love u…CALL ME !!

@PBandJenelley_1 i am so worried about u !! and i have no way to get to where u are..omgggg…please call me i am so stressed…please call

@PBandJenelley_1…i am about to be on my way there.. hang in there for me babygirl…..i will see u in a sec….CALL ME….i am so worried

@PBandJenelley_1 i posted this for prayers…wow…f*** attention right now she is not doing good…i wish i could tell yall more but i cnt

jenelle is ok..she is at the hospital…she is awake now !! . good signs. i cant say y she is there. i swear it has nothing to do with drugs

and she has been in allday…she needs prayers..this is not a drug issue..she is in there for something else..something personal.

November 24: Courtland suggests he has a “huge surprise” for Jenelle when he tweets, “i miss u @PBandJenelley_1 cant wait to get to see u tomm…i got u a huge surprise for u !!! i hope u are feeling better i love u babe!”

November 25: Jenelle appears to get access to the internet for the first time and tweets, “Im doing good.. I got a few things going on with my cyst.. Maybe surgery. Please b supportive and help Courtland get threw this. Love y’all” followed by: “The dr Just let me know that I will b here a few days for surgery on my cyst and that everything else looks good Im using hospital Internet. Please keep me in your prayers.. Ashleigh is making stuff up on me so just avoid her.. She is a sh!tty sister that tries to get attention. I love u baby @courtyb11 can’t wait to get back in your arms again..I’m ok don’t worry. I kno u are probably freaking out but I’m ok.. I lu”

November 25: Jenelle posts on Facebook, “I’m doing good.. I got a few things going on with my cyst.. Maybe surgery. Please b supportive and help Courtland get threw this. Love y’all The dr Just let me know that I will b here a few days for surgery on my cyst and that everything else looks good Im using hospital Internet. Please keep me in your prayers..”

November 26: Jenelle’s Facebook fan page admin Sarah RaeAnn does a Ustream video chat in which she reveals that Jenelle is in the hospital because one (or more) of her ovarian cysts burst again, and that doctor’s believe her cyst issues may be related to the method of birth control she is using (Which was Implanon as of June of this year).

November 26: Courtland tweets, “i talked to jenelle and she will be home wednesday from the hospital!! I CANNoT WAIT!!! i love u babe @PBandJenelley_1…shes feeling better”

November 27: Sarah updates Jenelle’s Facebook page with similar good news. “UPDATE: Jenelle is getting released from the hospital either today or tomorrow !! Courtland has been by her side through this and she’s doing much better. She is in less pain now and says she feels “Normal” again. Her Cyst [sic] are still bothering her but, she says the pain is bearable. I’ll let y’all know anything else that happens !!”

That gets you all caught up with the “official” timeline of events. Now, here is all the crazy stuff that has surfaced elsewhere over the last few days:

Ashleigh Evans posts on Facebook about Courtland Rogers totalling fiance Jenelle Evans' car

November 24: @ExposingLiars69 tweets a screen cap (above) of a Facebook post made by Jenelle’s sister Ashleigh claiming that Courtland wrecked Jenelle’s car, totalling it. (Something Jenelle’s ex Gary Head seems particularly happy about.)

November 25: @JenelleBombs posts a screen cap of a Facebook post made by Megan Manship claiming she was in the hospital room next to Jenelle’s and that Jenelle was in for heroin withdrawal. The post reads, “Jenelle was in the ER yesterday for heroin with drawls. I was in the room next to hers. She sounded like she was in so much pain… But I was too so I was praying on both of our behalves.” I did a search and found Megan’s Facebook page and sure enough she was in the hospital at the same time with a severe case of food poisoning.

November 25: Kristen Lewis, the sister of Courtland Rogers’ ex (and mother of his daughter) Taylor Lewis, posts a lengthy diatribe on Facebook accusing Courtland of being a drug addict who refers to Jenelle simply as “teen mom” and believes he doesn’t have to work now. @Classy_CarmenM shared this screen cap:

Courtland Rogers' baby momma Taylor Lewis' sister Kristen Lewis says he is a crackhead

November 26: Jenelle’s former roommate Allison seemed to back up the heroin rumors in a brief Q&A on Twitter:

ALLISON: @JenelleBOMBS lol this stuff is all so funny. The things I could tell u guys. Atom bombs

TWEETER: u can at least tell us if some of the stuff is correct or not

A: play 21 questions

hmm LOL. This could go on all day. She looked like she was on heroin on ustream. Does she use dope??

A: yep addmotted it to me in NYC first day

does she do heroin? Have u actually seen her do it?

A: yes I have day before she got her tonsils out

How long has she been using?

A: pretty much like a month after I moved that’s how she dropped weight so fast

I knew it!!!! I’m a recovering addict so I can tell. Was she dope sick in NY? Or was it really her “cysts” or does she even

A: she was probably withdrawing but she brought suboxens

did Courtland get her on heroin or was that her own doing ?

A: she was doing it before him

Does She Shoot IT Or Snort It?? And Was She Really Snorting Xanax In That Pic Or Was It “Pixie Sticks” Lmao

A: xanax and she snorts it has shot it tho

November 27: @JenelleBombs shares an email reportedly from Jenelle’s sister Ashleigh about someone hacking her Twitter account which reads, “She probably hacked my Twitter or had some of her buddies to. She’s in the hospital due to an heroin overdose or something like that, She’s in a psychiatric unit which is why courtland isn’t there with her. She thinks she’s “THE b!tch” no KARMA is “THE b!tch”  (Ashleigh apparently made other claims on her Twitter account before it was “hacked,” but sadly I wasn’t able to uncover all of what she tweeted.)

November 27: A Twitter user found a listing for the trailer that Courtland and Jenelle have been living in and posted it online. The link was retweeted by @Classy_CarmenM, and Courtland later tweeted that because of the link, his dogs are dead! His (since deleted) tweet: “@Classy_CarmenM guess what….the cops are looking for U….because somebody broke into our house that we keep our dogs at and killed em”

November 27: @Classy_CarmenM shares a conversation that is allegedly with a close friend of Jenelle and Courtland’s neighbor, who didn’t even know it until today. The neighbor writes that the “surprise Courtland got for Jenelle is an silver/gold Honda,” and that Jenelle’s car is indeed totaled. Also, the neighbor claims that Jenelle “is in detox for observation.” (I realize this one is a stretch as far as reliability, but it has added to the mystery so I felt I should include it for reference.)

Did Courtland Rogers total Jenelle Evans' car VW Jetta?

NOVEMBER 28: @ExposingLiars69 tweets a screen cap (above) of a photo posted on Facebook by Jenelle’s sister Ashleigh Evans that appears to be Jenelle’s wrecked VW Jetta along with the caption, “Am I really a liar Jenelle?” For comparison, here is a photo Jenelle tweeted of her “Fresh new Jetta” back in May:

Jenelle Evans new VW Jetta in May 2012
* In case you were wondering why Jenelle isn’t driving the white vehicle seen on recent episodes of Teen Mom 2, that’s because ***SPOILER ALERT*** she crashed it into a light pole in a shopping center parking lot back in October of 2011.

UPDATE – Courtland has fessed up to the car wreck, but says Jenelle was not there and the car isn’t totaled. You can read what he had to say about it (as well as why Jenelle is in the hospital) HERE.

UPDATE – Jenelle is out! Click here to see her first few tweets and photos after leaving the hospital.

UPDATE – And here is the detailed account of exactly why Jenelle was in the hospital(s) and what happened while she was there from her Sulia post:

I was in there for 8 cysts on my ovaries. Right one as big as a golf ball. The ambulance came to my house and got me. After going to one hospital I had to be transferred to a bigger one 4 hours away from my home. Long story short I had immediate surgery to get rid of those cysts and also had lung work done do to smoking out of kieffers TOXIC wooden pipes. Still having to go back to chapel hill next week to get more lab work done.

I think that’s about it for now. I absolutely have no idea what to believe, and I’m guessing the MTV cameras haven’t been anywhere near any of this so we may never know the real truth.

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