MUG SHOT, PHOTO Drunk driver flees scene of car accident, forgets to take his prosthetic arm with him

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A Corpus Christi police officer, responding to a report of a single-car accident, found that the driver of the car had fled the scene…but that he had also left something rather important behind.

That’s right: 23-year-old Juan Gutierrez was so drunk that he forgot to take his prosthetic arm with him before stumbling off into the Texas night. And, fortunately for all of us, this was one instance where the patrol officer had his dashboard camera on and recording full-blast. The officer noted the arm in the unlocked car, put it on the trunk so that evidence of its existence would be recorded for all time, and then set off to find the 2000 Toyota Camry’s driver, who was all by his lonesome not far from the scene.

Gutierrez was actually really, really lucky he suffered only minor injuries. He drove in between two bridges–at which point, according to the police report, the car “became airborne,” fell to the street beneath the bridges, and continued moving until it struck a support pillar beneath one of the bridges.

The Corpus Christi PD took Gutierrez to a nearby hospital for treatment of his injuries, at which point they got official proof of how hammered he was (answer: very), and took him into custody.

And then gave him his arm back.


(Photo Credits: Corpus Christi PD)

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