MUG SHOT Florida man arrested for stealing over $2 million worth of Legos

Florida lego man


A Florida man has been arrested and charged with a bevy of crimes after an extensive undercover operation revealed his theft of more than $2 million in simple, fun Lego products.

The Florida man, Ignatius M. Pollara, 49, hails from Tamarac FL, but didn’t limit his thievery to the greater Miami area–he told authorities that he’s lifted Legos and other valuable toys from all 50 states.

Pollara has actually already done time for the incredible number of Lego thefts of which he’s been found guilty. 2012 was his most prolific year, and authorities say the Florida man ran a lucrative online resale business after swping the goods in-store.

According to authorities, Pollara used the seven-figure lucre well: he “financed lavish worldwide travel with proceeds from his shoplifting.”

He was caught after becoming dependent upon a Toys ‘R’ Us rewards card, and is currently on parole. When Pollara told his parole officer he was leaving Florida to visit relatives in Illinois, the officer, wise to Pollara’s wily ways, knew the con man had no Illinois relations, and contacted local law enforcement, who set up a sting.

Police put a tail on the con from the airport on, and say Pollara spent four nights in the greater Chicago area in late June and early July. Each night, he stayed in a motel “near a major shopping center.” They also put a tracking device on his car to better monitor him, and found “suspected” stolen goods in the car during each surreptitious scan.

When the State’s attorney argued following his July 3 re-incarceration, that Pollara was a flight risk, the presiding judge agreed, and increased his bail from $125,000 to $200,000. The judge further instructed the Florida man that, should he make bail, he would be required to wear an ankle monitor before leaving prison.

Pollara, ever the charmer, responded thusly: “Having an ankle monitor would be beautiful. I could stay home and take care of my mother, who’s in hospice.”


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