Who is David Conley? Kim Kardashian shares ‘sickening’ story to advocate for gun safety law reform

David Conley Mug Shot

Wedged between tweets about makeup, Kim Kardashian posted a series of messages about her disgust with gun safety laws in the United States.

Kim was referencing the case of Houston man David Conley, who has reportedly admitted to murdering ex-girlfriend Valerie Jackson, her six children (including his own son, Nate) and Dwayne Jackson, father to the five other children and Valerie’s common-law husband. Investigators believe David broke into Valerie’s house, bound the victims and executed each of them in a “multi-hour ordeal” — starting with Dwayne and ending with Valerie, who was made to watch as her partner and children were murdered.

Valerie Jackson
Valerie Jackson

Speaking to The Houston Chronicle this week, David seemed to have little remorse for his alleged crimes. He said the children were turning into “monsters,” adding, “The Bible says ‘Thou shall respect your mother and father or your days shall be short.’ I’m not God, but you know, then, I’m the man of the house.”

David was charged with felony retaliation against Valerie in 2002. With two prior felony convictions, he could have received 25 years to life for that third conviction — but instead accepted a plea deal that allowed him to get out of prison in five years. An arrest warrant was issued for him early July when Valerie accused him of threatening her 10-year-old child and smashing her head against the refrigerator. Despite that troubling history, a police source said David was able to buy the gun he allegedly used for the murders online within the past two weeks. He remains in jail without bond.

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