MUG SHOTS A match made in dairy: Couple arrested for stealing 57 blocks of Wal-Mart cheese

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Here’s one for you: The Caldwells, a sweet, cheery couple from Chattanooga Tennesee, have been arrested for attempting to steal $600 worth of household goods from a Wal-Mart in nearby Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. Included in that $600 haul? Fifty-seven blocks of sweet, delectable Wal-Mart cheese.

Store management called the police when they spotted Mr. Caldwell acting suspiciously in the store. It wasn’t hard to spot him, they said, because he had a whole bunch of cheese stuffed down his pants.

Then, when the police confronted Caldwell about the cheese and asked for his ID, they noticed an un-cheddary smell coming from the vehicle. The scent was–give yourself a hand if you guessed it ahead of time–marijuana! Sitting in abundance in a clear plastic bag on the front seat.

It was then that an apparently-unrelated woman walked up, asked what was going on, and said that she was acquainted with the would-be cheese snatcher. Shortly thereafter, officers found the woman’s ID in the Jeep, confirmed that she was the wife of the man they had in custody, and arrested her, too.

Mrs. Caldwell had the couple’s baby with them. A relative was called in to pick the baby up.

Said Chief Eubanks of the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department, “It’s never a surprise really.”

What he could not say, though, was why the couple decided it needed to swipe so much cheese. He speculated that they might have intended to resell it.

Hunger was not ruled out as a factor.


(Photo credits: FOPD)

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