VIDEO Texas man shot and killed while taking pictures of his first snowfall

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An Iraqi man who immigrated to America just 20 days ago was shot and killed in the parking lot of his apartment complex while taking pictures of his first snowfall.

36-year-old Ahmed Al-Jumaili was standing with his wife and his brother, using his cell phone to take photos of the snow that fell in Dallas over the weekend, when shots rang out from what police believe was a rifle. Al-Jumaili cried out “I’m hit!” and ran to his apartment, where he died shortly thereafter.

It’s not immediately clear how many times Al-Jumaili was hit, or where on his body he was hit. Authorities are also not sure whether Ahmed was the victim of a random crime, or if he was targeted because of his ethnicity.

Dallas PD spokesman said that Al-Jumaili was indeed simply standing in the snow, “just like all of us, a pretty snowfall brings the child out in us.”

Surveillance footage from a camera elsewhere in the complex caught four men enter the complex and walk through the snow shortly before the shots were fired. North Texas Crime Stoppers has offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the murder or murderers.



(Photo credits: Dallas PD; own work)

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