VIDEO Two women and a six-year-old get in gigantic Wal-Mart fight: “This is white trash at its finest”

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Two women and the six-year-old son of one are the subject of a viral video phenomenon after footage of their near-epic Wal-Mart fight has been shared online by multiple witnesses.

The Wal-Mart fight took place at a store in Beech Grove IN, which, surprisingly, is within the greater Indianapolis metropolitan area. It began, as the first video below shows, with indeterminate shouting and foul language. The two women at the center of the Wal-Mart fight evidently had a disagreement of some sort, which went very quickly from the verbal to the physical.

Almost immediately after the brawl begins, the six-year-old son of one of the women gets involved, by throwing punches as the two women scrap on the floor. The son also smacks his mother’s opponent with a shampoo bottle, and shouts at her. At several points, the boy is yelled at to stop by members of the crowd. He seems to think that those gathered nearby are taunting him, though, and marches toward them, shouting “You can’t talk to me!” before returning to his shampoo bottle-thwacking ways.

(Warning: There is most definitely some NSFW language in this footage.)



Since police are still investigating the incident, and no charges have been filed, none of the participants’ names are a matter of public record. Police are also considering the possibility that the Wal-Mart fight was some sort of a hoax. Though, given the number of people involved and the fact that “Wal-Mart security” is kind of a fiction unto itself, it seems likely that the fight was real.

However, police have also said that they will look closely at the home life of the child involved in the fight, and might involve the Indiana Department of Child Services.

Of course, this being 2015, there is also a second video, this one taken from the opposite side of the fight:



(Hat tip to Fark)

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