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Will there be a Billion Dollar Wreck Season 2? Martin Bayerle gives fans hope, preps for new dive

Fans of Captain Martin Bayerle's exploratory ways are chomping at the bit for Billion Dollar Wreck Season 2, but, so far, History has yet to make their wishes come true. Despite that, high fan interest and the promise of unfinished business mean it's highly likely we'll see a second round of episodes, and Martin Bayerle himself recently addressed speculation with an optimistic social media update. Read on to see what the Captain had to say–and to find out who he's got helping him these days ;)

How did Captain Martin Bayerle lose an eye? Billion Dollar Wreck star explains eyepatch origin

The mystery of Martin Bayerle's eye might be the one Billion Dollar Wreck question we haven't yet answered. So far, we've rebutted claims that Billion Dollar Wreck is fake, studied the likely value of the RMS Republic's sunken cargo, and looked in-depth at the manslaughter charges for which Captain Bayerle spent several years in prison. But we came up short on the eye question until now–thanks to the Captain himself!

Did Billion Dollar Wreck find the treasure? Season 2 speculation begins

Did Billion Dollar Wreck find the treasure? The hit History show was a treasure hunting mystery in the Curse Of Oak Island vein, in part because, as the first season progressed, the show became about Captain Martin Bayerle's singular obsession with the elusive treasure on board the RMS Republic as much as the treasure itself. But did they actually find the gold? Read on for the answer–and to find out whether or not there could be a Billion Dollar Wreck Season 2!

Billion Dollar Wreck: Martin Bayerle manslaughter charges explained

In the latest Billion Dollar Wreck update, we take a closer look at the Martin Bayerle manslaughter charges stemming from his 1991 arrest on murder charges. The case involved Bayerle; his then-wife Susan; and Susan's lover Stefano Robotti, who Martin Bayerle shot while trying, as Martin put it, to protect his family. Read on for more about what happened between the three, and why a jury convicted on the Martin Bayerle manslaughter charges, rather than murder.

Is the treasure on Billion Dollar Wreck really worth that much?

How much is the Billion Dollar Wreck treasure really worth? That's the question History has boatloads of people asking, thanks to this week's premiere of new miniseries Billion Dollar Wreck. Assuming that Captain Martin Bayerle, son Grant, and the rest of the BDW crew do find the mysterious treasure of the RMS Republic, are Bayerle's careful calculations correct? Can the Billion Dollar Wreck treasure really be worth a billion dollars–or more?

Is Billion Dollar Wreck fake? Martin Bayerle haunted by money, murder charges

Is History's brand-new treasure hunt extravaganza Billion Dollar Wreck fake? The network is positioning its newest program as heir to the Curse of Oak Island throne, and part of the fun where shows like these are concerned is the extent to which the network has amped up the likelihood of its presenters striking it rich. To find out a whole lot more about the history of the RMS Republic; Martin Bayerle, his son Grant, and their family's tortured history; and the overall "Billion Dollar Wreck fake" question, read on!