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Giada’s breasts continue to infuriate, inspire Food Network Star viewers

Food Network Star would be a great show without Giada's breasts getting in the way–or, at least, that seems to be the concensus of a vocal and persistent group of fans of Food Network's flagship competition programme. Though it's been a year since we first reported on the controversy involving Giada's breasts (which controversy, as far as we can tell, appears to be that they exist), it looks like things have calmed down not a whit. Read on for details!

Most commonly asked questions about BBQ Blitz, with Food Network Star winner Eddie Jackson

There's some solid buzz surrounding Eddie Jackson, winner of the most recent season of Food Network Star–and the star of BBQ Blitz, his own upcoming Food Network program. While Eddie has a ton of experience both in the kitchen and on the football field, he's still an unfamiliar face to a lot of viewers. Now that it's football season–and when is it not barbecue season?–here's a bit of insight into Eddie Jackson and BBQ Blitz.

The Food Network Star finale is here: Whose cuisine will reign supreme?

The eleventh season of Food Network Star has been a jam-packed thrill ride, full of some of the best cooking and most vibrant personalities the show has ever given us. The hosts have been as laudatory as possible–Bobby Flay went so far as to call the twelve contestants the most talented Food Network Star group, period. Unfortunately, only one contestant can win. Which will it be?

Food Network Star boots Chef Rue Rusike in shocker

There were four contestants on the chopping block during last night's episode of Food Network Star. Chef Rue Rusike had been the most consistent from week to week, and seemed to be the safest–which is why it was such a shock to hear Bobby Flay say she'd been dismissed. Find out the judges' rationale, and see what Rue had to say after being sent home.