MUG SHOT Man with facial 666 tattoo arrested for murder in a church

Murder 480


William Everett Long, 53, of Duck NC, has been arrested for murder after stabbing a man to death at a homeless shelter in the city. Both Long and the victim, 61-year-old George Henry Provost, are homeless; they were staying at the Duck United Methodist Church for the night, due to unseasonably cold winter weather.

During the early morning hours of the 26th, Long and Provost got into a violent argument, which culminated when Long grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Provost an undisclosed number of times.

Provost was pronounced DOA at the Outer Banks Hospital just over an hour later. Long was taken into police custody, where he remains.

According to local news station WKTR, this was the first recorded murder in the history of Duck.

The Room At The Inn program, which handled shelter duties at the church, is made up entirely of volunteers. Fortunately, no one else was injured in the incident.

It is not known whether Long has a small teardrop tattoo beneath the “666” tattoo on the left side of his face.


(Photo credits: Duck PD)

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