MUG SHOT Ohio man arrested after commenting on his own wanted poster on Facebook

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Andrew Dale Marcum, 21, of Hamilton OH, has been re-arrested this week. He was wanted by the Butler County Sheriff’s Department on a variety of charges, but it’s not a new crime that got him back in the pen. What tripped Marcum up was his own silly ways: the man decided it would be a good idea to comment on a picture of his mug shot that the Department posted to its own Facebook page just two days ago.

The caption to the mug shot was quite detailed:


BCSO is looking to apprehend ANDREW DALE MARCUM on numerous warrants. He has previously been known to reside on Route 4 in Lemon Township, but also tends to commit crimes in Hamilton and Middletown….The highlight of his recent criminal past involves burglary / safe-cracking (a Felony 2). He’s also been dabbling in abduction (F2), assault (M1), domestic violence (M1), criminal endangering (M1) and he has some bench warrants.



To which Marcum responded with his classic catch phrase: “I ain’t tripping half of them don’t even know me.”

That response garnered nearly 2500 likes and follow-up comments, most of which were some variant on the phrase “What kind of idiot responds to his own mug shot on Facebook.” One notable exception was the Sheriff Department’s account, which responded, “Andrew Marcum – if you could stop by the Sheriff’s Office, that’d be great.”

Butler County police credited the amount of attention Marcum’s post received with his eventual arrest: a veritable deluge of anonymous tips regarding Marcum’s poured into the Department’s offices.

Marcum turned himself in less than 24 hours after the initial Facebook post. His bail has not been set.


(Photo credits: ADM & BCSO on FB)

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