PHOTOS Florida man arrested for naked Superman pose while peeing in public



He wasn’t wearing a cape, or tights, or pants of any kind–and he couldn’t break the handcuffs–but for one brief, shining moment, Florida man Joshua Masciarelli was, indeed, Superman.

In his own heart, anyway.

Masciarelli, 23, of Tampa FL, was arrested this weekend for a handful of slight but meaningful crimes. Police found the Florida man clad in “a red tank top and no pants” late on Saturday night. This wouldn’t have been a problem, except that Masciarelli was not pantsless at home. He was walking in public, near his home, and was also heavily intoxicated–to the point that, according to the police report, this Florida man “could not explain why he had no pants on,” and “did not know his way home.”

One thing he did remember, though, was how to strike a pose. The police report also notes that Josh had been spotted pausing to urinate every so often, and that, when he did, he put his fists on his hips and puffed out his chest “like Superman exposing himself.”

Josh Masciarelli, according to a since-deleted LinkedIn page and still-active Facebook profile, is a 23-year-old native of Binghamton NY who lives in Tampa FL due to his job as “an account executive with an identification equipment firm.”

He was booked in the Pinellas County Jail on charges of public intoxication and self-endangerment, and freed after posting a $100 bond.


(Photo credits: Josh Masciarelli via Facebook)

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