RETURN TO AMISH Mama Mary Schmucker cancer update

Breaking Amish Mama Mary Schmucker cancer update

Breaking Amish and Return To Amish matriarch “Mama Mary” Schmucker revealed earlier this year that she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Mary stated that she was scheduled to have surgery some time in April, but she didn’t provide much additional information.

After a few weeks of not posting on social media, Mary returned with a brief update on May 6. “I just wanted to jump on here and show you guys that I am alive and much better,” Mary said in the Instagram live clip. “Gettin’ better every day.”

Mary has posted several times in May, but she didn’t share any specific updates on her cancer surgery and recovery until May 13. In that video, Mary was asked about her surgery and revealed that her cancer had spread.

“I had colon cancer. They said they did take everything out. Then yesterday the doctor called and said it’s in my glands,” Mary stated in the 11-minute clip (included below).

“How does a person deal with something like that?” Mary continued. “How do you deal with knowing that you’re going to not be here long? Or you might be here forever, you know?”

As usual, Mary remained focused on the positive. “All I know I’m going to have to make some plans and start traveling. I’ve got to get out of the house, do something,” she said.

Unfortunately, Mary is a bit limited by finances. “What’s keeping me here is because I don’t have the money to do things I usually do,” she admitted. “So. that’ll probably keep me here for a while.”

Later in the video, the topic of treatment came up. “I’m so afraid to do chemo,” Mary admitted. “I’m so afraid to just take anything, so I’ll let it take its course and see what happens.”

Here’s the full video from Mama Mary:

Mama Mary on another season of Return To Amish?

Mary has previously revealed that she is Amish once again, and that interferes with her ability to film another season of Return To Amish. (The cast has reportedly finished filming a new season, and Mary will not be featured.)

A viewer asked Mary if she would consider leaving the Amish again. “I’ve really thought about it,” Mary said. “That’s probably the only way I’m really going to be happy happy — if I do leave the Amish.”

Mary added that part of her motivation to leave the Amish again was the potential to film for the show. “I would really love to just do another season and make it the best one that ever was. So, I’m really thinking about it.”

One major stumbling block to Mary leaving the Amish and returning to TLC is her husband, Chester Schmucker. However, Mary is working on that. “I’m trying to talk Chester into doing another season and see what happens.”

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