BREAKING AMISH LA Betsy Yoder gives birth to 2nd daughter 6 weeks early

Breaking Amish LA Elizabeth Betsy Yoder second baby

Congratulations are in order for Breaking Amish LA star Elizabeth “Betsy” Yoder and her husband Allen Yoder as they welcomed their second child together, daughter EmaLeigha Grace Yoder, on Wednesday! Little EmaLeigha was a bit overanxious to get out as she arrived six weeks early, which was actually better than her big sister Jolena, who arrived twelve weeks early back in July of 2015.

From Betsy:

EmaLeigha Grace Yoder, Jolenas lil sis arrived at 8:05am this morning 🙂 4lbs 10oz 17.75 inches long. She’s doing good and breathing room air. She’ll have to stay in NICU for awhile since she is 6 weeks early but is doin great so far so hopefully it won’t be too long a stay for her:)

Breaking Amish LA Betsy Yoder and daughter EmaLeigha together

Betsy gave another update on Thursday, along with a photo of her newborn daughter with dad Allen:

Breaking Amish LA Betsy baby daughter EmaLeigha with dad Allen Yoder

EmaLeigha Grace is doing wonderful.
We are Breastfeeding and doing a wonderful job at it.
She weighs 4lbs 9oz and we hope she starts gaining fast now that she’s figured The Whole breastfeeding routine out.
Thank you all so much for the Support and outpouring of Love and for all the prayers.

Betsy says she is still in pain from the surgery, but it’s slowly getting better. She revealed in a video clip that EmaLeigha should be able to come home in two to three weeks, as opposed to the extended stay of her older sister. Here’s the full video:

Congratulations to Betsy and Allen and big sister Jolena! We look forward to seeing both sisters playing at home together. 🙂

UPDATE from Betsy on November 4:

EmaLeigha is on continuous 3 hr feedings. Today they will start adding some extra protein and nutrients to her breast milk to help her gain her weight back faster.
If all goes as planned we will be transferred to the main Campus today so I can room in with her.
If you could please pray all goes as planned so I don’t have to stress about where I’ll be staying and if I can stay with her or not.
Driving 3 plus hrs everyday would be miserable and I just don’t see myself being able to do that right after a surgery

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