Sabrina confirms new season of Return To Amish, says everyone except Kate will be back

New Season Return To Amish 2018 cast

After months of rumors about the return of Return To Amish, show star Sabrina Burkholder has confirmed that the popular TLC reality series will be back, and she says all of the cast members have signed on except Kate Stoltz because “she got a sugar daddy so she don’t have to film anymore.”

Sabrina, who was just released earlier this month from her third stint behind bars in less than a year, made the announcement on Facebook. “I am so beyond READY to shoot the new season!!!” she wrote on Tuesday. “Whose ready to watch it lol?!” she asked before teasing that “this season is gonna be absolutely epic!!!!!

The post inspired numerous comments, and Sabrina responded to many of them clarifying what she could, and tossing a couple Breaking Amish OGs under the bus!

“Who is going to be on it?” One commenter asked. “EVERYONE except Kate lol. She got a sugar daddy so she don’t have to film anymore,” Sabrina replied.

[There have been rumors for more than two years that Kate is in a relationship with the plastic surgeon who did her nose job back in 2015, but those reports have never been confirmed. Kate angrily left the show in 2016 after accusing show producers of bullying and heavy-handed scripting of story lines. She continues to have success outside of reality television, including her graduation from the Fashion Institute of Technology and recently opening up a pop up shop during NYC Fashion Week featuring her designs.]

Another commenter stated that she thought Sabrina had been kicked off the show, but Sabrina called those reports mere “rumors” before pointing out that “Going to jail isn’t any worse than beating up your wife.” That statement was clearly a reference to her co-star Jeremiah Raber, who was arrested for assaulting his wife Carmela Raber last year. “At least I’m honest about sh*t and admit when I’m wrong,” Sabrina added.

As far as a premiere date for the new season of Return To Amish, that may be a while. “It hasn’t even started filming yet so it’ll be a minute,” Sabrina reveals.

Sabrina is never asked about, and never mentions, her co-stars Abe, Rebecca, and Mama Mary Schmucker. Rebecca had stated before that she and Abe had no intention of doing another season as they seemed to be adjusting to their lives with Abe working as a truck driver. It’s unclear what changed her mind, but I’m guessing it had a lot to do with $$$. I have no idea what kind of shenanigans Mama Mary has been up to!

In addition to spilling the tea about the new season, Sabrina also talked a bit about her recent struggles with drug addiction:

For those of you wondering… in June I will have a year clean from heroin. Unfortunately I am unable to say the same for other substances. I’m a work in progress. I never in a million years thought I’d get off dope and stay off of it especially without suboxone or methadone maintenance but I did it. Quit cold turkey and every day I thank God for rescuing me from myself. Thanks for your prayers and your support and encouragement. I’m grateful to be alive.

Return To Amish Sabrina Burkholder April 2018

Sabrina reveals that TLC footed the bill for a rehab stay, but she bailed after just a few days because she was worried about her cats:

SABRINA: TLC paid for me to go to rehab and I left after two days bc I was worried about my cats. In retrospect it looks ridiculous but I didn’t have my kids anymore and so I became overly obsessed with my cats. Gave them baths and everything. I was grieving I guess idk. But yeah Jeremiah was mad at me for that but he don’t get it because he don’t like cats I dont think. He likes pu**ies tho smfh lol

SABRINA: Sorry couldn’t resist ???

COMMENTER: Someone paid for you to go to rehab…no offense.. I’d want to get my life right… You didn’t leave for cats. I’m sure they weren’t left alone… I’m not tryna be mean. If someone gave me that gift. I’d prove to them I could complete it.. you admitted you aren’t clean of everything. I pray it’s not only a matter of time for you.. my prayers are with you honey.?

SABRINA: I am clean now… and I did leave for my cats. I was on suboxone there so it’s not like I was in withdrawal or anything so nice try… You’re not me so knock it off

SABRINA: And TLC has health insurance. So everyone can relax.

SABRINA: And the cats were alone having babies at that and I freaked out. No point in going to rehab for 30 days only to come home to a house full of dead pets smh. That would be relapse central right there.

In case you were curious, Sabrina is currently in a relationship with a man, and has been for some time now. It does appear that he has had his own drug issues in the past, but they look to be happy fighting the fight together. It’s unclear if her boyfriend will be featured on the new season of Return To Amish.

Meanwhile, Jeremiah Raber has moved out of his dream house in Florida and moved to Washington state to be near his estranged wife Carmela. The two are reportedly going to therapy in an attempt to save their marriage.

We will continue to keep an eye out and update when we have any new information, including the announcement of a premiere date.

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